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Why I Love Photography

Art to Freeze Moments, Time, and Space

Mount Batur Bali © Natasha

In an era that everyone who holds a camera will be called a photographer, photography has more and more enthusiasts. Everyday we can enjoy millions of photos scattered on social media, especially on Instagram. Beautiful images from people who choose photography as a hobby, to spectacular works from a professional photographers in different styles or genres of photography. Starting from architectural, candid, documentary, fashion, food, landscape, night-long exposure, photojournalism, portraiture, sport, street, wildlife, aerial to fine art photography. From black and white to color, photography remains a beautiful work for its lovers.

Do you also like to take pictures wherever you are? Me too! There are many reasons why people fall in love with photography, here the reasons of mine:

1. I become more appreciative of the moment.

Ubud Royal Family Cremation Ceremony © Natasha

Since I love photography, I appreciate every moment of my life and my surroundings more. Moments when I travel, meet friends, and vacation with family—I capture every moment that will be a beautiful memory to remember. I also pay more attention to the moment around me, natural moments like sunrises, sunsets, fog, and rain. I also like to capture more moments of people's lives, especially for moments that can't be repeated like moments of cultural events and the moment of the cremation ceremony in Bali.

2. It increases my creativity.

Model: Tyo © Natasha

Photography makes me think of more creative concepts and rich of ideas. It's an image that has a visual appeal and can be understood even without words. How to make a photos that can attract readers, touch their hearts and minds to support my writing as a writer, so I have to understand photography—although I didn't ever take formal of photography lessons.

3. I like traveling more.

Mount Catur Bali © Natasha

Having photography as a hobby makes me like traveling more. Adventure alone or with friends to visit places that I often see in the work of other photographers. I think that is one of the strengths of a photographic work, it can make people want to come and see the beauty of the location. I also don't mind getting lost in locations that have not been captured by lenses; adventure awaits!

4. I become a nature lover.

Sapu Lidi Resort Spa & Gallery © Natasha

Falling in love with landscape photography made me love nature even more. I like to explore forests and mountains, walk in rice fields, and enjoy the sound of waterfalls or the morning mist on the edge of lakes and rivers, enjoy the night in the tent while waiting for the shoot milky way, or walk between the sand beaches while waiting for the sunset. Standing between nature brings peace of mind and soul. Nature has surprises that no one can beat!

5. It's given me a positive lifestyle.

Mount Lempuyang Bali © Natasha

How do we use time with positive things? By doing a hobby that we like, following our passion! Photography makes me understand people better, getting to know more people, it makes more social and more sensitive, and feel the sadness or anger they hide behind smiles because a picture can tell a lot of things. Photography also makes me creative and productive to practice patience and focus.

6. Photos can be a part of history.

Ubud Royal Family Cremation Ceremony © Natasha

Photos can be a part of history and hold meaning from the journey of time. When I look back at all the photos in my collection, I remember, that I was at that moment.

7. It supplies a side income.

© Natasha

It feels great if we can make money from a hobby. I like photographing men's corner of a businessman style, while still continuing to learn and practice as much as I can.

8. It's an adventure that always brings new stories.


I'm always curious about the new place and all the moments that made me never bored to hold the camera. No matter wherever I am, whatever I do, there is always light there.

9. It's an art to freeze moments, time, and space.

Puncak Adeng Bali © Natasha

Some of my friends say that photography has the power to freeze moments, times, and places. I agree with that!

That's the reasons why I love photography. How about you? Finally, whatever the camera is in your hand, you are the photographer!

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Why I Love Photography
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