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Top 5 Fashion Photographers on Instagram

Fresh Inspiration for 2018


If you're a photographer, then you know all about finding inspiration online or in print. Personally, I love buying fashion magazines like Dazed and Flaunt in those awesome corners stores of New York City to find new content. Likewise, Instagram is a great place for fresh ideas and I would love to share my Top 5 contributors with you! Below you will find work from people with hundreds of followers to hundreds of thousands but at the end of the day their work is too good to pass up. 

Jimmy Marble

Jimmy's images are light and airy, and his palette consists of pastels and beautiful pinks. His work exudes happiness and a child-like charisma that I think any photographer can learn from. I find it very important to draw inspiration from artists who don't create the same work you do because this opens up doors and possibilities for your own work. Something I enjoy about Jimmy is that whether he is photographing a model or a singer, like Ariana Grande, they all look like models. When I saw his work with Ariana I almost overlooked that it was her. 

Matthew Priestley

Matthew works with warm flat tones that really help the garments he is shooting stand out in their own magnificent way. At times, his sets are minimalist and flat but when he does choose to incorporate props they are unorthodox and outlandish. Which again, brings out unique features in the clothing and models. When you are looking for odd cheap prop ideas check his page out. While I was in school at Savannah College of Art and Design I had to grab props on a budget and one of my saving graces was furniture from my own house, good will, or the hardware store. Yes, I went to Home Depot and Lowes to get props for high fashion shoots. 

Brook Pifer

Brook is a master of lifestyle photography and she really invests all of herself into her shoots. She has said in interviews that she prepares playlists unique to each photo shoot because she really wants to create an atmosphere that helps the models get in the mood. Her greatest talent is making photo shoots look as if she happened upon then instead of curating them from the ground up. She has done advertising campaigns for Levi’s, Shock Top, Ford, and many more.

Andreia + Nathalia Takeuchi

My favorite type of fashion photography is the unorthodox kind. Models who don't fit the standard and props that were probably acquired from goodwill. Andreia and Nathalia do this perfectly, they have found the sweet spot between high and low fashion. Their work has been all over Europe in magazines such as Elle, Glamour, and Vogue, and their work as even been in Adidas ads. Much like Jimmy Marble they embrace the pastel and floral tones but instead of blowing their whites out they keep with the flat mild tones of Matthew Priestly, it might just be the perfect combination of visual concepts.  

Ludo Hanton

On the flip side of the previous photographers, Ludo produces high fashion, Vogue-esque, work. Colors that are rich but muted and styling that is edgy yet elegant. His models sometimes seem too perfect as if they are mannequins or aliens which is an effect that I find rather compelling. Like I said before, it is important to look at all styles of art to better understand what it is that you personally want to create, and my own work tends to embody a little but of all of these styles. This is why these five photographers are on the top of my list.

To get any idea of how these inspirations manifest in my own work click the link below!

Audrey O'Donnell


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Top 5 Fashion Photographers on Instagram
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