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Top 10 Leica M Series Cameras for Beginners

An incredible camera, and so many options, these are the best Leica M series cameras for beginners.

Photo by Luca Braco

Leica M cameras are some of the most excellent photography equipment on the market. Known for its quality photographs, innovative design, and easy to adapt to controls, these cameras are all incredibly impressive photography gear. 

They'll last you a lifetime and allow you to learn the ropes of photography with some of the best equipment in the history of the craft. Though very expensive, these are the top ten best Leica M series cameras for beginners

Leica M (Type 240) Digital Rangefinder 10770

The first option on our list of the best Leica M series cameras for beginners is the M Type 240 Digital Rangefinder Camera. This model offers a full frame 24MP Max CMOS sensor. Along with this comes a Maestro image processor and 3.0'' 920k-Dot LCD monitor for crystal clear images. 

The video recording option allows you to capture full HD 1080p videos, plus there are both manual rangefinder tools and live view focusing. And to top it off, it is compatible with all M-mount lenses. 

Leica M-A (Typ 127) Rangefinder Camera 10370

Next, on our list of the best Leica M series cameras for beginners is the M-A Typ 127 Rangefinder Camera. This is a 35mm film camera that has a fully mechanical operation. 

The focal plane shutter ranges up to 1/1000 per second while the flash sync is at a 1/50th of a second. Compatible with 16-135mm M-mount lenses, the camera also has both chromed brass top and bottom covers. 

Leica M-E Digital Rangefinder Camera 10759

The Leica M-E Digital Rangefinder Camera has an 18MP Full Frame CCD Sensor. Fitting any Leica M-mount lens, the camera has a manual focus with optical viewfinder plus an omitted low pass filter for fine detail. Its ISO sensitivity can range up to 2500. 

Plus, the body is made of all metal die-cast magnesium. And it even includes Adobe Lightroom software. 

Leica M-P (Typ 240) Digital Rangefinder Camera 10772

Leica's M-P Typ 240 camera has a 24MP full frame CMOS sensor as well as a Leica Maestro image processor. The options for image field selector and magnification are top notch, as well as its 3.0'' 920k-Dot LCD. 

As one of the best Leica M series cameras for beginners, the video recording options provide full HD 1080p shooting. Compatible with M-mount lenses, the body is created with magnesium alloy, while the top plate is made of brass. 

Leica M Monochrom Digital Camera 10760

The Leica M Monochrom has a new leatherette body covering. The 18MP Monochrome CCD Sensor as well as the 2.5'' TFT LCD display is perfect for capturing a clear and precise image each time. 

With an SD/SDCD memory card slot and a bright-line frame viewfinder, the camera provides both DNG and JPEG formatting. Plus, it is created to provide a minimalist design, so no red Leica logo on the front like their typical models. 

Leica M7 TTL .72 Rangefinder Camera 10503

One of the best classic 35mm Leica M series cameras for beginners is the Leica M7 TTL .72 Rangefinder. With a fast and easy manual focus system, the camera provides a bright viewfinder and is easily handheld at slow speeds. 

Even better, the camera has low light focus accuracy for night shooting, as well as a reliable and quiet operation with each use. Compatible with M-mount lenses, it also has TTL flash capacity. 

Leica M10 Digital Rangefinder Camera 20000

Next, on our list of the best Leica M series cameras for beginners is the Leica M10 Digital Rangefinder Camera. With a full-frame 24MP CMOS sensor, Leica's Mastro II image processor is well worth the money for the camera alone. 

Its optical .73x magnification viewfinder produces crystal clear images while its Gorilla Glass LCD is sturdy and powerful, with a great backlight, perfect for night photography. With built-in Wi-Fi and ISO Dial and Frame Line Selector, the camera is created with brass construction that is completely weather proof. 

Leica 10770 M 24MP RangeFinder Camera with 3-Inch TFT LCD Screen

Last, but not least, on our list of the best Leica M series cameras for beginners is the Leica 10770 M 24MP RangeFinder with a 3-inch TFT LCD screen. 

This camera has a 24 MP Sensor for the perfect image quality. The Leica Maestro image processor is fast and efficient, while the camera's body is splash and waterproof. A 3-inch display with 920,000 pixels and Gorilla Glass provides quality images and a sturdy screen protection. 

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Top 10 Leica M Series Cameras for Beginners
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