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The First Memory

My Promise to Myself

When my friend Garred Perronie and I had first performed a photo shoot with us as the subjects to model, I created a video to put in my vlog (AKA a video blog; in "I GOT POWERS" a vlog on my channel). As I finished I made a promise to myself, that I would continue to push more content out, while challenging myself to learn more techniques with my camera, and in post production editing. Now I have a Panasonic LUMIX G7, and ever since I bought it, I've fallen in love with it, as if it were my first. As cinematographers say "your first camera is always the best one no matter how old it gets." 

With this camera I've learned a lot. With organic transitions, the best angles, and learned more about lighting than I ever thought possible on my own. So after capturing the first photo shoot film in New Albany, Indiana, I decided to continue this mini film series and post them on my Instagram @chasejwill and YouTube channel @ChaseWilliams. These movies that I film while snapping pictures are just the many moments that we have while we are out on these crazy adventures, so I call these films "Memories." 

The Memory film above is one of my first, we captured this one journey of many in New Albany as well, since it's close to home. We had gone down here to snap pictures so often that we were running out of areas to take them. The day before I had let Garred know that I knew a spot that he had never been, a hidden gem. This one little spot is hidden by a giant brick wall, next to a beauty shop. When we drove over to the hidden spot we parked directly in front of gem, it was so well hidden in plain sight, no one questioned to explore it. When we got out Garred asked me "where do we go?" I looked directly in front of us and pointed. We both stared at a white doorway, with two ten foot white pillars, holding up the sturdy greek architecture door frame, wedged like a sandwich in a twenty foot high red brick wall. As we got to the door, Garred said we were walking into Narnia, and that's exactly how it felt, as we opened the door and stepped through escaping the hectic downtown environment. 

Snow carpeted the ground, the pines and shrubs circled 360 degrees in the rectangular brick confinement. There was another opening, but through shrubbery. Passed that was a patch of grass, with a cement pedestal laid alone in the center. We got our gear warmed up, and we got to work. The experience was extremely fun and cold. We froze our butts off, as the temperature was around 20 degrees fahrenheit. Garred and I still managed to get the best shots!

Now finally, the editing, editing takes about five to eight hours, maybe even more, due to my laptop's CPU. Running Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects slows down the computer's processor. Editing these Memories takes longer than I'd like. Though it's a blast being able to keep my promise, as I film and edit these mini films. I see it myself, when I watch these back, my skill continues to improve, that's all that matters. 

I can most definitely say that I will never give up filming, it is forever a part of my life, and I absolutely love it. It has given me a better aspect on living life, and seeking to learn more about it. I still continue to push for my dreams, no matter the hardships that follow. I also want to say that if you have a dream that you've been wanting to pursue then go hard at it. There are enough people in the grandstands watching life pass by. You don't make it out of life alive. So come down to field and have a great time doing what you WANT to do!

I just want to say thank you for reading this and I should have another post out here soon!

Confession: This one film while editing, I did have some issues with the stabilizing software. There are a few bugs within the film, I apologize for the inconvenience.

The Photos from the Shoot

The first three photos are of me, and Garred is in the last two. Garred Perronie is an amazing photographer, and is still learning his way around the camera. He continues to grow every time he gets behind the lens. He has always had a different perspective than anyone else when it comes to photography, and I admire the heck outta this dude. All modesty aside, I can't forget to admire my own editing skills, they have come a long way, and deserve to be boasted about.

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The First Memory
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