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The Classic Wedding Photos

What Your Clients Are Secretly Expecting from You

1) Hand Holding

Get a very close up shot of their hands featuring her engagement ring, maybe even make this one black and white. Their hands should be gently holding each other with their fingers closed.

2) The Rings

Just the rings. It can on a decoration or on a blade a grass with the couple blurred out in the background. Be creative and go with the theme!

3) The Mirror

This one is a real crowd pleaser. Have the bride sitting down in front of the mirror looking at her own reflection, then take the shot.

4) First Look

Get the groom to wait somewhere looking away from where the bride will enter, when the groom turns around and see her in her dress for the first time... Take that shot!

5) Kisses, So Many Kisses!

Their first kiss as a married couple, a kiss at the wedding table, a kiss while dancing and a kiss by sunset. Don’t be afraid to ask them to take a posed kiss, in other words a long and slow kiss.

6) The Groomsmen

Have a row and put the groom in the middle or make each each groomsman take a step back.

6) The Groomsmen

Have a row and put the groom in the middle or make each each groomsman take a step back.

7) The Bridesmaids

This is a fun one, and it will certainly keep you busy since there is a long list of different things they are probably expecting. Get a bunch of photos of the bride with all her bridesmaids and be creative!! Take a photo of the bride with each bridesmaid. Take lots of photos of the bride getting ready with her maid of honour too!

The bridesmaids are important; this is basically what you were hired to do… unless the grandparents paid for your work, then take pictures of the family.

8) The Bride and Her Parents/Guardians

This can be a cute, like I mentioned number 3, this is the perfect opportunity for the classic mirror shot, but take other too. If it’s summer, take some nice photos by the tree.

9) Candid Is a Can Do

This is usually the second photographer’s job, but if it’s just you then try to take some candid shots too. All the little things and a bunch of different movements. When a groomsmen is fixing the grooms tie, take that shot! When the bride’s dad decides to do a strange dance, take that shoot! Just maybe don’t take pictures of people puking.

10) Everyone Walking Down the Aisle

When people come down the aisle, they come in twos. One Groomsmen per bridesmaid, so get a clean shot of each pair as they come down. Then, of course, the bride.

11) The Ceremony

Take a photo of the tears, putting on the rings and the kiss. If they asked for a video, take a video too... but use a tripod!

12) The Dancing

This is a hard one because people are moving quickly and usually in low light situations. You can try a fast shutter speed with a really HUGE aperture size, but the truth is the time for a flash. If you have a dis-attached flash, please use it.

13) The Decorations

Three words: Follow The Theme. Take close ups of the small details and wide angel of the hall.

14) The Speeches

This is any easy one, just take a couple of pictures for every person that does a speech. There usually scheduled so there really is no problem there. 

15) The Guests

This is more an after party thing, but if you have the time for one photo of each guest, that would be awesome. Also, make sure to take photos of both sides of the family.

16) Huge Group Shot

Try to get everyone together. All the people in the wedding and all the guests. A wide-angle lens would be ideal here. Don’t forget to get a chair for grandma, please.

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The Classic Wedding Photos
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