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The Boudoir Photo...

Close your mouth and open your eyes, what you see will seduce you!

A style of photography that must be professional, to highlight the beauty of this charming woman of nature, shy or completely confessed. When you choose to surrender to this style of session, you take a second breath. The flame gushed out of us to give warmth to our esteem. An art not reserved for wasp sizes because all women have a beauty to reveal.

Have you ever tried the experience of erotic and subtle photography. With beautiful clothes, a man's shirt, a satin sheet... In the bathroom or in a hotel room, I assure you that we take a liking to it because the only purpose of this photo session is to prove to ourselves that we are beautiful too.

I love these sessions, just as much as the natural portrait, because even if the subject is glamorously made up and styled like a star, she is vulnerable and lets a secret appear in her eyes. A complicity is invented and only successful photos emerge from this hour of session.

When I have the chance to do the boudoir session at home I can easily vary the results. Having access to all my professional equipment, my decor, my ideas, I can install several sets in order to offer him a well stocked session with different lighting and different shots.

This is possible wherever I travel, but in this case I have allowed myself a little more. Among the linked photos you will find the one of Audrey who arrived at my studio already made up, styled and she had brought a multitude of sets of clothes, underwear, accessories etc...

During the retouching process I often opt for black and white transfer for most images because the boudoir photo has a slightly more vintage style than the standard portrait. The black and white highlights the softness of the skin, the mysterious look and the detail of the lingerie.

A regular photo shooter, a boudoir enthusiast, there are several of my clients. They renew their photos from one year to the next because the body changes but the mind changes even more. The diverse approach as our esteem evolves and expands. The more we love each other, the more we let ourselves go! This is what you will see in the picture of my sublime friend who embellishes every time she gets older by a year.

It is now an annual event for her and me. Anne offers herself a boudoir session every year or so for the pleasure of photography. A weekday appointment, a bottle of wine, music, fun and photo ideas full of ideas that she always accepts without compromise (almost I remain professional and in good taste.) A way to break the routine and I give her a fresh look at the image she projects. She's brilliant every time!

Being a mother gives us the impression that this kind of photo is no longer for us. Seeing that I'm going to strip in front of a camera, what will my children think if they come across these images later? Well, I think they will be proud to see that you dared to think of yourself, and to please you even in those times of life when we think it is now our role to think only of others and never again of ourselves! So why not enjoy a moment when you are alone at home for a few hours...

While the rest of the family went to school or work, I went to her house for her first boudoir photo session. She was waiting for me, nervous and very happy to finally dare. Despite my impressive photography kit, she agreed to trust me and followed me in my idea of a session.

While she prepares her outfits and make-up, I take care of finding the best place in the house to have a great session. The boudoir photo does not require much preparation. For this one, I chose the landing of the stairs that leads to the bedrooms of the house. A diffused lighting, an ambient music to break the silence which is sometimes difficult, making it all too formal. Because after all, we're both here to have fun and I want to give her some pictures she'll like to look at.

You can see in the link the pictures of Caro, for whom we have chosen two types of sessions, the classic and the bathtub. I am happy to be able to take these kinds of photographs that are both sensual and artistic.

I still understand the shyness of the beginning, but luckily, the more the session progresses, the more confidence takes over and the desire to please, to please oneself.

The most beautiful thing about all this is that there is no age limit to give yourself to boudoir photography. I had the chance to take pictures of young women as well as women in their 50s. Each person has a session that will suit him/her and highlight it.

If you ever have the chance, the desire, I will always be ready for a new realization. Will you dare?

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The Boudoir Photo...
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