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The Best Waterproof Digital Cameras Available Right Now

Want to snap amazing shots under water? Any of these best waterproof digital cameras can get the job done.

Cameras are our best and only source for capturing great memories and stunning sights. Without cameras, we wouldn't be able to look back at the memories we've made. Despite keeping the memories in our noggin, we want the chance to show others what we've seen, where we went, and who we saw. Despite your cell phone, everyone should own an actual camera to capture the greatest photos.

But what are better cameras than ones that can handle water? Only waterproof cameras, of course. Waterproof cameras are the best, you can take them underwater and catch images of ocean life, friends swimming, and more. Rain won't harm these cameras either, or any spillage. But aside from what it can handle, they can capture gorgeous images of anything you want. To get your hands on the right one, consider checking out any of the best waterproof digital cameras to take on your wet and wild journey!

Ultra HD Waterproof Sport Camera by FITFORT

Among the best waterproof digital cameras on the market, FITFORT's waterproof camera is very sturdy, durable, and can handle your craziest adventures. It's also one of the best waterproof gadgets to take anywhere

The camera comes with tons of accessories including a waterproof case so you can take images underwater. It's easy to control, can last up to 90 minutes of videotaping, and provides 4K/25FPS, 2.7K/30FPS, 1080P/60FPS, 1080P/30FPS and 720P/120FPS video resolution. It's also a 100 percent 4K HD action camera.

WIFI Action Camera Waterproof Camera by ODRVM

This built-in Wi-Fi waterproof camera can be managed with your smartphone, either iOS or Android devices. The Wi-Fi signal can even range up to ten meters (33 feet).

Among the best waterproof digital cameras, this kit also comes with tons of great and useful accessories to make your video and image taking a better experience. Accessories include attachable pieces for your helmet, surfboard, skiing board, motorcycle, and more. 

Splash WP7 Waterproof Digital Camera by Bell & Howell

Love the color purple? Then you'll love this next one out of the best waterproof digital cameras. This camera includes a 16GB microSDHC class 4 card, as well as a flexible tabletop mini tripod, lens cleaning kit, and much more.

Aside from its beautiful purple color, the camera features a 12.0-megapixel CMOS image sensor, image stabilization, a high-resolution 2.4-inch LCD display, and other great benefits.

Underwater Digital Camera by PYRUS

Take one of the best waterproof digital cameras deep in the water with you and snap photos of fish, ocean life, and even your friends swimming in the pool or ocean! The camera features a 2.7" TFT LCD screen and 8x digital zoom for precise photos.

PYRUS' Underwater camera will always give great quality images, manages water, and is even dust-proof. From night portrait to night scenery, portrait, and high sensitivity, you've got a wide range of options to choose from, on just one amazing camera.

Shock & Waterproof 1080p HD Digital Camera by Coleman

Camo design, anyone? Perfect for getting photos in the jungle, or simply in a meadow, Coleman's camera is designed to capture the greatest photos completely disregarding the weather conditions. Whether you're in the pouring rain, or in the middle of a hot sunny day, this camera can handle it all.

Among the best waterproof digital cameras, this camera comes with many benefits such as anti-shake image-stabilization, shock-proof, temperature protection, and more. It also comes with a 32GB microSDHC 300x UHS-I class 10 memory card, an adapter, and other accessories. 

Waterproof Digital Camera Camcorder by Vmotal

Looking to buy your child a camera, but afraid he/she might break it? No worries, because this camera is built and designed to handle everything your kid has to offer. This is also the perfect camera for beginners.

While it's obviously waterproof, it's also very lightweight, that can be carried everywhere and even stored anywhere. If you need to give a birthday gift, then this is your best bet. It also comes with a two inch TFT LCD screen for playback or viewing what's being filmed.

W300 Waterproof Underwater Digital Camera by Nikon

If you're searching for a simple camera out of the best waterproof digital cameras, this Nikon waterproof camera has your name written all over it. This smooth, modern black design is great for taking on road trips, vacation tips, hiking, etc.

Aside from being waterproof, it's shock-proof, freeze-proof, and even dust-proof. Meaning it's the perfect camera to purchase ASAP. The camera even features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and many more. With a 16.05-megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor and 5x optical zoom NIKKOR lens, this camera can fulfill all of your needs when it comes to snatching great images.

Underwater Waterproof Camera by Bigaint

Out of the best waterproof digital cameras, this one is definitely up for an adventure. Made with a 2.7" TFT LCD screen, waterproof buttons, a 5 MP CMOS sensor, and 8x digital zoom, this camera has it all when it comes to great digital cameras. 

This camera can even handle the coldest temperatures, up to -10C. It's tough, sturdy, and very reliable when you're searching for a camera that you can bring with you through rough areas and destinations. 

COOLPIX S33 Waterproof Digital Camera by Nikon

This gorgeous, white waterproof camera by Nikon leans towards the more classy side of cameras. While it's still durable to bring with you on your underwater adventures and even hiking up mountains, this camera is also great for taking regular family photos, sunset images, and even to bring on a night out with friends. And when it suddenly rains, don't worry about your camera ruining from the water.

The camera is waterproof up to 32 feet deep and shock-proof. Among the best waterproof digital cameras, this is also the perfect camera to gift to a best friend, a sibling, and even a parent.

IS048 Waterproof Digital Camera by Polaroid

Last on the list of best waterproof digital cameras, this vibrant, red camera comes from one of the best camera brands on the market — Polaroid. With a 16 megapixel resolution, your image quality will always be precise.

The camera runs on two AAA batteries, which are included, features one microSD memory card slot, and more. As for a Polaroid, this is definitely one of their best digital cameras yet.

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