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The Best Cameras for Self Portraits

Looking to up your selfie game? Here are the best cameras for self portraits available today!

Photography has always been one of the most accessible art forms, particularly in the modern era. With the help of the smartphone, everyone is capable of taking professional-quality shots and easily sharing them with the world at a touch of a button. Instagram is filled with amateur photography pages, each with photos more beautiful than the next. Particularly in today’s world, the selfie reigns supreme amongst social media fanatics, serving as one of the most prominent new photography styles this decade. The word “selfie” was even added to the Oxford English Dictionary as the 2013 Word of the Year.

Nevertheless, the biggest difference between a teenage girl looking for more likes and followers and a professional interested in making a career out of photography is their equipment. In the past, only those willing to invest thousands of dollars were able to access high quality cameras, but modern technology has made it possible for practically everyone to purchase top notch products. While many still believe that the best cameras for self portraits are simply the ones already in their pocket, a few simple upgrades allow anyone to take absolutely stunning selfies with ease.

XT-100 Digital Camera by Fujifilm

Fujifilm is best known for designing nostalgic cameras that combine modern technology with a retro finish, such as their iconic pastel polaroids. For those seeking an upgrade from their fun little Fujifilms, check out the XT-100. This mirrorless digital camera features a rotating screen that allows anyone to take a killer selfie without compromising the versatility of the lens for regular point-and-shoot photography. In addition, the adorable exterior and top-dial controls make it the perfect throwback to earlier generations of cameras.

DMC-GX8 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera by Panasonic

 For those seeking the perfect versatile camera, look no further than the Micro Four Thirds. Like many cameras designed for selfies, the Micro Four Thirds features an articulating screen that pops up above the lens when facing the self-photographer. This camera is best known for its highly interchangeable lenses, giving it the ability to perform a wide variety of photographic tasks. Plus, there are a lot of advantages of mirrorless cameras. The Micro Four Thirds is an amazing camera for travelers, as it captures stunningly professional images without the bulk of a DSLR. The lightweight and compact frame is perfectly pocket-sized and ready to go at a moment’s notice. 

K-70 DSLR Camera by Pentax

For those who insist on a DSLR, the Pentax K-70 is one of the more sleek and highly compact “big cameras” on the market. Available in both slimming black and stylish silver, this camera is best suited for the fashionable photographer seeking beautiful images without the bulk. The Pentax K-70 also comes with a myriad of different lenses, making it an incredibly versatile camera, without negotiating the rotatable screen that makes it a selfie-lover’s dream. 

A900 Digital Camera by Nikon

Looking for perfect pictures without having to beg for the help of someone else? The A900, one of the best Nikon cameras of 2018, has you covered. This super sleek design is the epitome of high tech. The Nikon A900 is packed full of amazing features, making it a perfect point-and-shoot for anyone new to the realm of digital cameras. As a part of the iconic CoolPix collection, the A900 has a guaranteed standard of user-friendly accessibility combined with high quality photography. This design features a screen that flips up like the iconic flip phone to face the photographer, making self portraits a breeze. 

EOS M100 Mirrorless Digital Camera by Canon

The Canon EOS M100 is one of the newest cameras on the list, but that does not mean it is not an amazing option. It's actually one of the best Canon cameras of 2018! Although this camera may look like a simple point-and-shoot, it actually features an interchangeable mirrorless lens, making it a one-of-a-kind hybrid pioneered exclusively by Canon. In addition, the EOS M100 features a flip up LCD screen that pops up to help capture gorgeous selfies. Although not as tried and true as some of the other options on the list, the EOS M100 is an up and coming powerhouse sure to storm the market soon. 

Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 VI Digital Camera by Sony

For those of us still unwilling to admit how much we actually adore taking pictures of ourselves, the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 is perfect for stealthy selfies. The DSC-RX100 is the flagship of Sony’s super user-friendly point-and-shoot collection, but the latest versions now incorporate a pop-up LCD screen that allows photographers to take self portraits. The body of the camera remains virtually unchanged, meaning the DSC-RX100 is still capable of photographic versatility that attracted users to the first edition of this product years ago.

CoolPix P900 by Nikon

The Nikon CoolPix P900 is like the cooler older sibling to the Nikon A900 digital camera. The CoolPix P900 is a definitely larger and bulkier than the A900, but with even better lens capabilities. This camera has a zoom of about 2000mm, meaning it can get as close to the action as some telescopes. This camera also features the flip-out digital LCD screen, allowing users to focus in on their face at less than an arm’s length away. This camera is a great choice for anyone interested in top quality digital cameras without jumping to a DSLR.

HERO5 by GoPro

As GoPros are typically used to capture extreme sports action, they are not the most intuitive choice for a selfie-capable camera. However, the extremely durable sports camera is perfect for the adventurous self portrait extraordinaire. Whether you are at the top of a mountain or deep under the sea, the GoPro HERO5 is there with you to add a human element to your amazing action footage.

PEN-F Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera by Olympus

The Olympus PEN-F Micro Four Thirds has one of the most stunning aesthetics of any camera, combining crisp matte black with a soft shiny silver to create an almost vintage appearance. Modeled after traditional cameras of the 1950s, the compact frame makes this the perfect travel companion. The mirrorless PEN-F comes with a plethora of interchangeable lenses, making it a great option for nearly every situation. With another articulating screen that swings around to the front of the camera, the PEN-F is a super simple self portrait machine. 

Theta V by Ricoh

The Ricoh Theta V is hands down the most unique camera for self portraits on this list. Designed to capture 360 degrees, it is nearly impossible not to take a selfie while using this device. Using a spherical rotator to capture a full field of view, the Ricoh Theta is amazing at capturing stunning vistas and gorgeous scenery. With no other comparable product on the market, the Ricoh Theta is a truly one-of-a-kind investment sure to impress and astound all your friends and family. 

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