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The 11 Best Landscape Photobooks Ever Published

As a classic gift for any travel or photography enthusiast, and a welcome addition to any coffee table, the best landscape photobooks should include a wide array of photographic styles.

The best landscape photobooks grace bookshelves across the nation, and bring happiness to any who may open their pages. Landscape photography is already a delight many amateur photographers and outdoor enthusiasts may have discovered; and although the images are all over Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, that doesn't mean that other people shouldn't have the opportunity to hold these beautiful images in their hands! Besides, after you look at the best of the best, landscape photographers to follow on Instagram may not be enough to satiate your appetite for beautiful landscape photography

Digital Landscape Photography by John and Barbara Gerlach

From John and Barbara Gerlach is a full paperback photobook that could guide anyone through the United States and beyond. Together they cover relevant topics for any beginner photographer, such as how to master exposure and capture a sharp images.

If you’re new to photography or want a beautiful book to grace your coffee table, you should seriously consider Digital Landscape Photography from John and Barbara Gerlach. Your guests will become fascinated by the captivating images and maybe even strike up their own interest in landscape photography. This book not only presents beautiful images within its pages, but also addresses the successful photographic and composition elements utilized to take them.

Beautiful​ Landscapes: A Conceptual Photobook with Stunning Pictures by Sophia Simone

If you love nature or have a nature lover to find a gift for, this is the perfect addition to their home. Beautiful Landscapes: A Conceptual Photobook with Stunning Pictures showcases over 50 natural landscapes. These pictures, unlike other photobooks, uses the Creative Commons Zero license; or in other words, are public domain, and don’t require attribution.

This large volume could easily be used to create a personalized photobook with photobook services such as Shutterfly. Use these images to create personalized books from scratch, and blow away any of your traditional photo albums with stunning pictures and free to use prints. Or, use this paperback version of these outstanding landscapes to stun guests in your own home, and impress them with many different views from our fantastic world.

The Landscape Photo Book by High-Quality Photographs

This is a high quality photobook for the Kindle that will keep you inspired no matter where you are. Coffee table books are great, but they’re usually large or oddly sized. Instead, skip the dust jackets and leave the heavy books at home. Tuck your kindle into your purse or airline bag, and swipe through beautiful high-resolution images of the world’s natural landscapes.

Professional photographers with a variety of backgrounds explore the world around all of us in this photobook. They have different photography styles, and they each showcase their talents in different environments, lighting, and with varying preferences of setting.

The Landscape Photo Book has long stood as a great place to start for those who look for landscape inspiration. From rock formations to beaches at night, there’s something for everyone in this book!

Simply Beautiful Photographs by Annie Griffiths

The pages of this photobook take each reader on an inspirational journey through the landscapes, animals, and seascapes of the world. National Geographic has a world-renowned photography collection, with top tier, professional photographers shooting more for the collection every day.

This time around, Annie Griffith, an award-winning photographer, curated images for an artistic exploration that would entice any reader to pursue photography as an art form even further. These books arrived on the shelves in many formats, including a mini-format that still includes the introduction and short essays accompanying each concept.

Each image has a paired phrase, quote, or poem to sit with it in an effort to invoke a feeling that naturally applies with the image. The entire book is split into different themes, such as wonder and light, for example.

The Landscape Book by Scott Kelby

Author and photographer Scott Kebly has curated a collection of stunning landscape images in this anthology. To accompany each image is a step-by-step guide for learning to shoot photography like the pros.

Scott Kebly discusses photography techniques, handling difficult landscape situations, and how to choose an ideal landscape for a shoot. This book stands out as one of the best landscape photobooks from Scott Kebly, although we’re sure that he will continue to release new books as he further builds his massive collection. It’s a perfect coffee table book of digital photography that easily lays flat for easy viewing. You’ll be sure to enjoy that the landscape-oriented format is consistent throughout this photobook, and the pages of this book may inspire you to pick up one of the best cameras for landscape and street photography to practice the composition techniques Kebly preaches about throughout The Landscape Book.

Wild Light: A Celebration of Rocky Moutain National Park by Erik Stensland

From photographer and actor Erik Stensland, this collection is an artistic perception of the Rocky Mountain National Park. Unlike other photobooks, this stands as one of the best landscape photobooks available because it focuses on one small space of the world. The Rocky Mountain National Park is not a washed out or everyday landscape either.

In this book, you’ll find bubbling brooks, overgrown forestry, star-speckled nights, and mirror-like reflections of mountains in rivers and lakes. As you flip through this book's pages, you’ll see that the layouts and designs naturally push your way forward to the next page. Erik Stensland must have put a lot of thought into the layouts and designs, because it feels as if you’re smoothly working your way through the park. Then before you know it, you’ll find yourself at the beginning again.

National Geographic Dawn to Dark Photographs: The Magic of Light by National Geographic

From the magic hour to the midnight hour, the professional photographers that contributed to this anthology took on the particular challenge of working with the light the world experiences naturally. Some of the world’s best photography is here as one of the best landscape photobooks in print.

National Geographic presents The Magic of Light with a forward from Maura Mulvihill, a world-renowned photographer who speaks openly on how the lighting of dawn and dusk affects photography. This collection of breathtaking photographs is beautifully printed with cover options, naturally inviting readers to gaze at some of the most well-developed photos that use light as their main thematic element. If you've been trying to figure out how to capture perfect beach sunset photos, this is the book for you.

Lonely Planet’s Beautiful World by Lonely Planet

Being one of the best landscape photobooks ever put into print, Lonely Planet knows how to deliver outstanding landscape-oriented designs and layouts. From their blog, where many travelers can submit photos, they’ve found the best images of the world we live in, and complied them into one place. The landscape images showcase years of experience behind a lens, and a passion for the Earth.

The best landscape photobooks should deliver stunning pictures that are carefully curated into a tale of wonder, exposing our world for all of its glory. Lonely Planet took this task and went above and beyond. Their knack for creating fun and inviting guidebooks gave them a head start in crafting a photobook that would inspire anyone to get off the couch and get onto a plane!

Landscapes for the People: George Alexander Grant, First Chief Photographer of the National Park Service by Ren and Helen Davis

Who gets an in-depth view of outdoor beauty daily? Those working in the National Park Service. From the best photographers in the National Park Service comes a landscape photobook full of images that others only dream of.

This beautifully printed, high definition photobook will be a great addition to your home, adding a spark of creative insight onto any shelf or table. This photobook won the American Library Association’s 2015 INDIEFAB Gold Medal. From an independent press, it’s famed as a work of art that exceeds the expectations of any National Park Service product. Authors Ren Davis and Helen Davis have paid great homage to the national parks in America, and you can see their commitment to craft through the pages of this anthology.

Treasured Lands: A Photographic Odyssey through America’s National Parks by QT Luong

From QT Long and with a forward by Dayton Duncan, this photobook is indeed a work of art. This photobook captures the landscapes of America that have inspired poetry, song, and nearly every other art form available.

Purple mountains majesty, golden plains, and every color our world has to offer are captured in 50 different states between two shining seas, expertly represented in Treasured Lands. This book provides a small insight into the majestic wonders of America’s National Parks. Magnificent redwoods, canyons, the Jersey forests, and more fill these pages with awe-inspiring beauty.

National Geographic Greatest Landscapes: Stunning Photographs to Inspire and Astonish by National Geographic

Who knows the world’s landscapes better than the professional photographers of National Geographic? In hardcover, with a stunning cover image, National Geographic presents an iconic photobook that made waves when it was first released in 2016. This professional photography showcases extraordinary images from star trails, vast deserts in the midst of night, and dawn breaking over snowy mountains.

There’s a slew of variety within this book’s covers that show the difference that a split second of exposure or camera flash can make. The professional photographers that contributed to this curated collection offer personal insight and comments on the experiences they had while shooting these locations. Without a doubt, this is the best of the best landscape photobooks available, and has little competition when it comes to captivating images.

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