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The vital how-to's for photography enthusiasts: how to create the perfect camera setup, capture the perfect picture, edit your photos and beyond.

Hailey Elise10 months ago
The Basics Every Beginning Photographer Should Know
So you’re wanting to get into photography? Well, here’s where to start.
Ossiana Tepfenhart10 months ago
10 Ways to Become More Photogenic
Back when I was in my 20s, I made a living as as model. I was thinner back then, but realistically, I wasn't the best-looking person around. Rather, I knew something that many people are only beginnin...
Morgan E. Westling10 months ago
10 Ways to Become a Better Photographer
If you want to become a better photographer and create great photos, you’ll need to take the time every day to practice with your camera, study your subject matter, and shoot film that is inspiring to...
Becky Street10 months ago
Photography Project Ideas: Rain Reflections
Make the most of horrible weather by capturing unique photographs in the rain. People may think you're a little weird, as you’ll be pointing your camera at the ground for pretty much most of this project but I promise you, it will be worth it in the end.
Morgan E. Westling10 months ago
Worst Photography Mistakes People Make
Great photographs are hard to come by. It takes skill and knowledge for beginner photographers to stop making common mistakes, start paying attention to photography tips out there, and turn those bad ...
Harrison Galgut10 months ago
In the above image is a portrait of the Student Scout & Guide Organisation (SSAGO) working on the Aberystwyth Club's records. This task is probably not one of the more interesting tasks to photograph,...
Rosie Millar10 months ago
How To: Photography and Videography in Music
I really love live music. There's something about how it makes you feel. The atmosphere, lights, merchandise, staging and not to mention the music. Now imagine being able to capture that feeling in a ...
Brianna Joseph10 months ago
How To Shoot Film Photography
With analog photography increasing in popularity, you might be asking yourself, "Why film?" To put it simply, shooting film photography highlights the true essence of photography. When shooting digita...
Nicola P. Young10 months ago
The Ultimate Guide to Printing Photographs
When you print an essay for class, all you generally have to do is hit a couple of buttons. Maybe you adjust the formatting, or want to print something double-sided, but that's about as wild as docume...
Morgan Clarka year ago
The Best Places for Taking Photos
So hear me out, okay? Don't click off and don't call this cheesy but literally anywhere is a wonderful place to take a photo. Now I'm a college student, I don't have fancy equipment or money to travel...
Michaela Weissa year ago
How to Take Good Photos
Do you want to take good photos? Of you? An animal or pet? Or just scenery or outside? I will give you some good tips. First, I will talk about how to take photos of you. The only thing is I didn’t wa...
Mika Boylea year ago
Tips for Shooting a Football Game
I have been taking pictures of football games for four years now, so I shoot football games like a piece of cake. However, I see newer photographers I come around struggling with finding a groove to g...
How to Shoot Portraits in Direct Sunlight
You've read the best photography quotes that will inspire you to take more photos and are ready to take some pics. But when you get outside you discover that you’re forced to shoot portraits in direct...
Madeline Zenka year ago
How To Capture Perfect Beach Sunset Photos
After all, you are trying to capture every bit of the expansive and almost overwhelming glory of a beautiful sunset in one small picture. Quite the task for any who attempt it. The best landscape phot...
Tips for Using the Rule of Thirds in Photography
The rule of thirds is one of the important elements photographers use where they take both vertical lines and horizontal lines called the “rule of thirds grid” and use these as intersection points for...
Skunk Uzekia year ago
How to Shoot Portraits at Night
If there's one thing most casual Instagram users wish they knew, it's how professional photographers shoot portraits at night without losing their minds. When you're shooting using an iPhone, it's eas...
Nancy Da year ago
How to Take Amazing Photos
You can still amazing photos with any camera, however this blog talks about features that are really only on a DSLR camera. If you don't have a DSLR camera, no worries! The last four points still appl...