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The vital how-to's for photography enthusiasts: how to create the perfect camera setup, capture the perfect picture, edit your photos and beyond.

Iggy Paulsen4 months ago
How to Make Money as a Photographer
I will be honest; I was never a professional photographer. However, I was a model, and I know plenty of photographers who make money with their craft. Some are full time photographers who just enjoy l...
Eada Hudes4 months ago
Hiring a Professional Interior Design Photographer vs Doing It Yourself!
Good designs, layouts, furnishings etc. complement a space whether it’s a home or a commercial space. Good photography does the same. Snapshots and casual photography doesn’t qualify for that. Anybody...
Georgianna Nielson5 months ago
Make Your Photos More Interesting
As a mostly self-taught photographer, I have gone through a lot of trial and error trying to make my photos creative, interesting, and different. As I have developed my personal style, I have come up ...
Nancy D5 months ago
How to Take Amazing Pictures at Night
You might think that night time is the worst time to take pictures. However, this isn't true. Noon is actually the worst time to take photos because there aren't any shadows. (There is also a higher r...
Brett Tortorello5 months ago
How to Write a Good Photographer's Contract
As a longtime photographer, I'll be the first to say that getting into the photography business is no easy feat. In fact, it might be more difficult now than ever before. Thanks to today's technology,...
How to Deal with a Terrible Photography Client
If there is one group of visual arts freelancers that get treated worse than anyone else in the market, it's photographers. Don't ask why, but there's something about the field that just seems to attr...
12 Shooting Tips for New Photographers
Finding good shooting tips for new photographers can be tough. A lot of guides go too basic and others gear more toward professionals. I'm pretty new to the world of photography, but as a beginner, I'...
Harrison Galgut6 months ago
Making Sharp Portraits
Over-sharpening images is a very common issue with portraits, but it doesn't have to be; proof shown above.
Morgan E. Westling6 months ago
10 Best Photography Books for Beginners
Within the pages of the best photography books for beginners, one can find tips and secrets on everything from shutter speed to depth of field, written by some of the best professional photographers. ...
E. NATASHA7 months ago
6 Tips for Pre-Wedding Photography
To capture the journey of love, is one reason people do pre-wedding photos today. Doing a photo session before the wedding day, has become a trend that many couples do. The concept of photos also vari...
Lovelli Fuad7 months ago
12 Amazingly Free Resources to Learn Photography on the Internet
It can get kind of difficult to learn on your own. First of all, motivation is hard to come by. If you’re not part of a photography club, you’d have to come up with your own ideas. And photography is ...
Nikkie Evans8 months ago
10 Tips for Helping Models Pose
Standing in front of a camera is nerve-wracking. It's one thing to smile and "say cheese," but it's an entirely different story when you are standing in front of a camera in a studio. I've been on bot...
Becky Street9 months ago
Photography Project Ideas: Car Window
Capture Stunning Bokeh Just by Focusing on Rain
Ginny Dorsey9 months ago
Storytelling from Behind the Lens
Currently, the phrase "lifestyle" is all over; practically every place you look; much like the term "vintage" but aside with that. In reference to Wikipedia, Lifestyle photography/videography is a sty...
Ossiana Tepfenhart9 months ago
10 Amateur Photography Mistakes Everyone Makes
What makes a photograph look professional? Is it using one of the best DSLR cameras? Is it using the best 20mm film? Of course not! You can take amazing photos with an iPhone that would be worthy of s...
Desti Diaries9 months ago
My Top 5 Tips for Amateur Photographers
Even though I have been doing photography for about seven years I still consider myself an amateur because there’s just so much I don’t know yet. Since there is such a vast amount of people who consid...
Ossiana Tepfenhart9 months ago
How To Become a Famous Photographer
Helmut Newton. Steve McCurry. Annie Leibovitz. These are names that anyone who is a photography student will recognize as one of the greats. Being a famous photographer is just about as glamorous as i...
Stephen Green9 months ago
5 Tips to Taking Better Photos
I love photography. LOVE it! Few things make me happier than grabbing my Canon 80D and hitting the streets in search of the perfect pic to capture or playing around with Photoshop and Lightroom to rea...