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The vital how-to's for photography enthusiasts: how to create the perfect camera setup, capture the perfect picture, edit your photos and beyond.

Tom Sharp4 days ago
How to Start Earning Money as a Photographer
Ways For The Aspiring Photographer to Make Money
Tony Murtagh4 days ago
Rules of Composition
With the advent of the mobile phone and tablet, everyone seems to be taking photographs; and for many people, all they want is a record of a holiday, family events, or a special moment in their lives ...
Kay Tetz6 days ago
How Photography Can Change the World
Many of my friends and family members stand in awe of the photographs I take. In this series of stories, I will explain to you just how to take the perfect photo. The first tip is that you do not need...
Craig House6 days ago
Professional Tips for the Perfect Pics
Whether you want to take to Discount promo codes to find some discounted professional equipment, just use your phone camera, or go old school with a disposable you can take your skills to the next level by following some of these professional top tips to getting that perfect photo every time.
Akash Sharma24 days ago
Capture the Moment!
Are your family photos stashed in a shoe box in the back of the closet? All is not lost. We’ll show you how you can make the most out of your cherished memories—in just a few easy steps. Photos can be...
Nicole Anna month ago
Shot on That Spot: 6 Luxury Hotel Room Areas Where You Shouldn’t Miss Striking a Pose!
When you book a hotel room for a vacation or a staycation, you surely expect for a good accommodation to welcome you warmly. A lot of things about a hotel, especially if it’s luxurious, excite you, be...
Lisa Bourgeaulta month ago
The Power Behind the Picture
Photography; it's a big and exciting world, but there's so much knowledge and skill that go into something as simple as taking pictures. Everyone at one point or another has taken pictures; either for...
Sasha McGregora month ago
How to Look Good for Your Family Pictures
A picture is worth a thousand words, and family pictures are no different. Some people get them done every season, while others only do them for Christmas or New Years. They are one of the best ways t...
Jus L'amorea month ago
How to Take Retro-Style Photos like a Pro
You would think that with the insane capabilities of today's smartphone cameras, that everyone would want to show off their unfiltered photographs with all their vibrant colors and intricate details; ...
Valerie a month ago
Editorial Photography
I have always had a hard time trying to explain my vision to other people, so I just do it myself, and so can you! If you are a beginner Photographer, and are looking to start a portfolio, these techn...
Harrison Galgut2 months ago
Street Photography: Warning Opinions Present!
Street photography is a really common form of photography, as it is relatively easy to get into—and it's simple to start doing it, and it comes with no guilt, as the law says you can do it. The questi...
Mostafij Tuhin2 months ago
How to Find Your Photography Niche
There is a rumor that we have to be experts in all types of genres when it comes to photography. Ultimately, photography means painting with light. It’s not obvious that we have to be experts in all genres such as newborn photography, weddings, astrophotography, family portraits, landscape photography, and food photography. Light is light. No matter what kind of style you follow. In a nutshell, you just don’t have to master it all. But you have to find your photography niche for sure. Let me walk you through a guideline to find your photography niche. So, let’s get started.
A Step-by-Step Guide to Online Photo Storage
Photographs are an important part of life. They keep us connected to our roots, cement events in our memories, and help us feel like we’re part of something bigger than ourselves. In fact, as professo...
Sarah Trmmr2 months ago
Photography Basics
Oh no, why is my picture shaking? And why is it all black? And where does that grain come from? If you already wondered about one of the things above, you’re completely right here. Questions like thes...
Harrison Galgut2 months ago
Portrait Problems
Posing someone is only one part of portraits, as are the camera settings. These two get all the attention, and they don't really deserve it. What is more important is understanding what you are taking...
Natalie Ige2 months ago
Here Are Some Tips that Are Bound to Make Your Drone Footage Increasingly Cinematic!
Flying a drone can be really overwhelming! And with all kinds of drone footage everywhere, how can you make your own footage stand out? There are various reasons that could make shooting footage on yo...
Josh Mathews2 months ago
How to Paint with Light
If you're like me, you've dabbled in photography at an amateur level before. It's quite possible you may have heard about light painting. Despite gaining popularity in recent years light painting has ...
Jack Jobe3 months ago
Tips on Improving the Quality of your Cellphone Photographs
My wife and I were enjoying a beverage on a restaurant's outdoor patio when she remarked, "There is a bee on the flower behind you." I swung around with my cellphone camera and snapped this photo. Rul...