Cameras can be complicated; a breakdown of the latest in camera technologies and photography techniques to help you get the perfect shot.

George Nekilana year ago
10 Useful Camera Accessories Under $50
There's a ton of different camera accessories out there that can benefit your photographing. From external flash lights to filters, reflectors, and high-capacity camera bags, getting your hands on any...
Leanna Davisa year ago
Best Instant Cameras to Buy Right Now
These top ten best instant cameras are ones to consider when choosing the ultimate camera for you. These instant cameras will provide the best quality, easy to use technology, and have tons of feature...
Nina Mariea year ago
Ahh... photography. Photography is an art form. It is a form of 2-D art. It can either be film or digital. Now, as a photographer, digital is becoming way more popular than film. Film is becoming outd...
Allie Groomsa year ago
The Best Filters for Aesthetic Instagram Feeds
Instagrammers everywhere are joining in on the new trend of beautiful and aesthetically pleasing feeds, but where does everyone find the perfect filters and apps to make this possible? The answer to t...
Iggy Paulsena year ago
Why You Should Shoot in Raw Instead of JPEG
Back when I was a beginner model, I didn't really know that there were too many other photography formats other than JPEG and GIF. I mean, that's all you ever really see on the internet, right? Well, ...
Carly Owensa year ago
What Are the Advantages of a Mirrorless Camera?
If you're still lugging around that weighty DSLR camera, it might be time to upgrade and switch over to a mirrorless model. While there are some great things about a DSLR, I fully believe the advantag...
Tim Lawsona year ago
A Journey in Photography Begins
So, you might say that I've been on the start of this journey for quite some time. You see, I've been taking pictures most of my life, although as much as I wish it could be more than a hobby, that's ...
Photography Talk for Beginners: Camera Selection, Operation, and Practicing
Obviously, if you want to start a photography business, you’re going to need a camera.