Cameras can be complicated; a breakdown of the latest in camera technologies and photography techniques to help you get the perfect shot.

Michelle Jones10 days ago
Sparked! Photography
Back in 2015, I flew out to California for the first time, which was also my first flight alone, and I stayed with my stepmother Liz. At some point, she had purchased tickets for the Bill Pickett Rode...
Guije Sanchez12 days ago
New Chapter: Returning to Photography
A new chapter has arisen in my life, and I feel it's only the beginning of it. This journey started in the beginning of January of this year, after being jobless for quite some time. I was completely ...
Harrison Galguta month ago
Phones At Parties: Gift or Curse?
I am going to start by saying this article isn't about the actual ways you should or shouldn't frame a photo, but instead about the abstract idea of language. Mobile phones have become quite a gift to...
Taylene Lozier2 months ago
What Do I Shoot?
Funny how "real" photographers make things look so easy. I got my first camera August 16, 2016, and I fully expected to be a real photographer right away. After all, I had a professional camera. What ...
Harrison Galgut2 months ago
Flash Technique
What does shutter speed do? I believe that is a good place to start. Without flash, shutter speed works as a third of the exposure triangle.
Harrison Galgut2 months ago
Dark and Light? The Art of Subject
We all know about light and how it interacts with a camera. We all know that black and white are dangerous places to play in when editing. Sometimes we all make mistakes when adjusting our shadows and...
Riley Raul Reese6 months ago
Bring Your Photography Gear Anywhere with the GOgroove Camera Backpack Case
Photography is incredibly expensive. The average portrait photographer will need to have around $8,000 to $12,000 in supplies to keep their company afloat, and those who decide to do wedding photograp...
Rowan Marley6 months ago
Meet Youcan's BW Space Underwater Drone: The Submersible Drone with a 4K UHD Camera
The perfect shot. It's that elusive goal that every photographer chases every single time they go out to shoot. It's a shot that makes people go "WOW!" The perfect shot is one that is magical, surreal...
Fred Eugene Park6 months ago
The 10 Oldest Polaroid Cameras
The ability to produce a photographic image has revolutionized the modern world in many ways. With a true visual record of events and people, the oldest photographs in history seem not only closer in ...
Eddie Wong6 months ago
10 Artistic Ways to Use a Disposable Camera
Photographers who are used to shooting with digital cameras don't realize that there are still several ways to use a disposable camera with excellent results. The old ways are sometimes inconvenient a...
Caroline Brazeau8 months ago
On a Day Off
This morning, finally a day off! You still have to get up, but after bringing the children to school, I will be able to enjoy this autumn day. Seeing the sun and the autumnal heat (which is not very p...
Warrior 8 months ago
Standing in a crowd of strangers, it's one of the most lonely feelings. Every passing moment brings new faces, voices, and chaos. Conversations begin to jumble together into one indistinct clutter of ...
Reasons Why School Pictures Always Looked Awful
"Picture Day" at school is always made up to be a much more important event than it really is. I remember when I was in elementary school, I thought it was a genuinely big deal with legitimate real-wo...
T.C. Bosarge8 months ago
Beginner Photography
Photography is not something I planned to do as a hobby. It fell right into my lap. It began when I had a friend begin playing rugby. She invited me to her games and after a while I began snapping pho...
Patty Ramsen10 months ago
Best Street Photography Cameras Under $1,000
Smartphone cameras are great for a quick shot that's full of color, clarity, and quality, but when you're trying to capture that perfect beach sunset or wildlife photo, nothing beats a high-quality ca...
Katana Haley10 months ago
Full Frame Cameras: How Theyโ€™re Impacting Film Now and in the Future
You can meet or even exceed your expectations when you purchase the right camera for your purpose. This bulky, robust camera doesnโ€™t have a crop factor but boasts a broad view. Full frame cameras are the compelling choice of most professionals, but why?
Nicola P. Younga year ago
Best Cameras for Landscape and Street Photography
Landscape and street photography are about immortalizing the beauty of a moment or scene, whether it be capturing the perfect beach sunset or right in the center of an urban city. While these moments ...