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Hailey Lajoie24 days ago
The Gloss Over
Look at the picture above, really concentrate on it, dig into it. Seems like a very odd task for someone to ask for? It is, but to truly understand the meaning of this article it will take more than t...
Adrian Scotta month ago
Best Travel Photographers on Instagram to Follow
Be aware, taking a look at any of these Instagram feeds may result in extreme FOMO. These travel photographers know exactly how to capture a photo that not only tells a story, but captivates the viewe...
Ariana Bryant2 months ago
Visually Selfish
I see my photographs before I release the shutter, and as you know, being a visual artist is not just a profession, but a lifestyle. It is near impossible to switch off that explorative eye. It follow...
Letitia Lou2 months ago
My Mental Health Diaries
I've been drawn to creativity my entire life. My whole family is creative in their own way. So I guess you could say I was raised not to fit myself into a little box, to not limit myself. Which is iro...