Staff Picks

T.C. Bosarge6 days ago
Beginner Photography
Photography is not something I planned to do as a hobby. It fell right into my lap. It began when I had a friend begin playing rugby. She invited me to her games and after a while I began snapping pho...
Becky Street16 days ago
Photography Project Ideas: Car Window
Capture Stunning Bokeh Just by Focusing on Rain
Best Astrophotographers on Instagram to Follow
There are Instagram accounts for photographers and artists of all types, from design- and architecture-focused photography to portraits of people and pets. One of the deepest wells in this field is as...
Desti Diariesa month ago
My Top 5 Tips for Amateur Photographers
Even though I have been doing photography for about seven years I still consider myself an amateur because there’s just so much I don’t know yet. Since there is such a vast amount of people who consid...
Ryan Whitakera month ago
10 Reasons Why Your Photoshoots Don't Look Good
Have there been days that you've seamlessly snapped one good selfie after another, after another, after another, and thought, "Damn! I should be a model!" Surely a good lot of you have been curious ab...
Morgan E. Westling2 months ago
10 Ways to Become a Better Photographer
If you want to become a better photographer and create great photos, you’ll need to take the time every day to practice with your camera, study your subject matter, and shoot film that is inspiring to...
DM Werner2 months ago
Photography Stuck in a Loop?
We may be stuck in a loop, but as a photojournalist I am still going out to make images; to document history, to tell the story and to bear witness to the event. That said, I will use digital for my s...
Brianna Joseph2 months ago
How To Shoot Film Photography
With analog photography increasing in popularity, you might be asking yourself, "Why film?" To put it simply, shooting film photography highlights the true essence of photography. When shooting digita...
Nicola P. Young3 months ago
Best Cameras for Landscape and Street Photography
Landscape and street photography are about immortalizing the beauty of a moment or scene, whether it be capturing the perfect beach sunset or right in the center of an urban city. While these moments ...