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Allie Grooms3 months ago
The Best Filters for Aesthetic Instagram Feeds
Instagrammers everywhere are joining in on the new trend of beautiful and aesthetically pleasing feeds, but where does everyone find the perfect filters and apps to make this possible? The answer to t...
Letitia Lou5 months ago
My Mental Health Diaries
I've been drawn to creativity my entire life. My whole family is creative in their own way. So I guess you could say I was raised not to fit myself into a little box, to not limit myself. Which is iro...
Mark Turner5 months ago
Essential Books Every Photographer Must Read
Resources are always a great way to take your career to the next level. This doesn't matter which stage you are in as a photographer, someone who has just received their first camera or someone who ha...
Taylor Markarian5 months ago
Best DSLR Cameras for Beginners
Let's begin with the basics: What are DSLR cameras? DSLR stands for Digital Single-Lens Reflex. In a nutshell, it's a description of the way this specific camera type is constructed and how the lens i...
Kelsey Lange5 months ago
Easy Photoshop Hacks All Photographers Should Know
These are simple ways to make your Adobe Photoshop learning experience a bit easier. With the knowledge of these easy Photoshop hacks, you'll be cruising through editing photos in no time. While you'r...
Ossiana Tepfenhart5 months ago
Movies About Photography Every Photographer Should Watch
Right now, there are more photos being taken every day than there were in the first 100 years of photography. Isn't that mind-blowing? Photography has become a massive part of our culture, and that me...
Jasmine Smoot5 months ago
Photography Talk for Beginners: Camera Selection, Operation, and Practicing
Obviously, if you want to start a photography business, you’re going to need a camera.
Blanka Szabo5 months ago
3 Basic Photography Settings Every Beginner Photographer Must Know
Every photographer wants to be the best they can be (right?). Holding your precious DSLR camera in your hands for the first time can be an exhilarating and terrifying experience. Think of it like look...
Abdullah Masood5 months ago
Should You Buy a DSLR?
Hi, everyone. I'm your run-of-the-mill regular Joe when it comes to cameras. I basically have used phone cameras ever since Nokia came up with the fantastic N95 and never have gone back... till now. I...