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Spotlight: Best Self Portrait Photographers on Instagram

Best Self-Portrait Instagram Photographers of the Moment

People underestimate how tricky it is to capture a perfect self-portrait. And by self-portrait, I'm not talking about selfies. I'm talking about art. It's hard to photograph yourself when you are unable to see what you're doing, how your pose looks, whether you've captured your best angle, whether you've captured the mood of the photograph. That's why I'm always really excited to find a wonderful self-portrait photographer, and Instagram is always the main site that I use for researching new photographers to inspire me. Here are my top eight self-portrait photographers of the moment, whose work I have discovered through Instagram.


Paeulini, otherwise known as Chantal Convertini, is a Swiss portrait and self-portrait photographer who specialises in using analogue photography to capture a dream-like simplicity. Her work captures the feminine, the sensual, the beauty of women, without being overly sexual.

To see more of @paeulini's work, please click here.

You can support her work via Patreon.

Ziqian Liu

Ziqian Liu is a mysterious photographer who gives few interviews. Her work is beautiful, feminine, and dreamlike; with her frequent use of mirrors, fruit, and flowers, she plays with shape, shadows, and form to create playful, incredibly beautiful, and yet simple images.

To see more of @ziqianqian's work, please click here.


Another self-portrait photographer hailing from Switzerland, Daphne (@seeavton) is another photographer who reveals very little about herself beyond her photography. Shooting primarily on analogue, she captures the surreal and dreamlike.

To see more of @seeavton's work, please click here.

Jamie Beck

Jamie Beck of Ann Street studio is a powerhouse of the photography industry. Having moved from the hustle of New York City to the quiet countryside of Provence two years ago, Jamie has moved from sleek fashion photography for high-end brands; including Oscar de la Renta, Tiffany, and Donna Karan; to painterly self-portraits inspired heavily by renaissance art. Fun fact: Jamie and her husband, fellow photographer Kevin Burg, invented the cinemagraph.

To see more of @annstreetstudio's work, please click here.

David Uzochukwu

David Uzochukwu is a 20 year old Belgian photographer. Self-taught, he has been named one of Flickr's 20 under 20 and Adobe's 25 under 25. In 2014, he was named the EyeEm Photographer of the Year.

His work reflects a sense of vulnerable masculinity through surrealism, using bold imagery and colours.

To see more of @daviduzochukwu's work, please click here.

David Uzochukwu's website can be found here.

Edward Honaker

Edward Honaker is a wonderful surrealist photographer, who used self portraiture to envoke his own personal struggle with depression. His portraits are beautiful, thought-provoking, and humble, and can be found on Instagram at @edwardshair. His work is dream-like and delirious. Carefully crafted, he uses photo manipulation to create impossible scenes.

For more information about @edwardshair 's work, click here.

Nicholas Bruno

With over 115,000 Instagram followers, Nicholas Bruno has become something of an internet celebrity in his own right, thanks to his beautiful surrealist portraits and self-portraits. His photographs are creative, haunting, and often somewhat disturbing.

Fun fact, he also designs his own jewellery range.

Both Bruno's self-portraits are his jewellery range are inspired by his personal struggles with sleep paralysis.

For more information on @nicholasbruno's work, click here.

Nicholas Bruno's jewellery line can be found here.

Rosie Hardy

Rosie Hardy (@georgiarosehardy) rose to online fame several years ago with a 365 project, in which she created a beautifully surreal self-portrait every day for one year. Her work is inspired by poetry, dreams, and her emotions, and she has openly used photography to work through the emotional ups and downs of life. Her 163,000 Instagram followers seem like another family of hers, and I think her openness, including behind-the-scenes sneak-peaks and step-by-step breakdowns of how she creates her images is as much of a draw as her beautiful images themselves.

For more information about @georgiarosehardy's work, click here.

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Spotlight: Best Self Portrait Photographers on Instagram
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