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Shot on That Spot: 6 Luxury Hotel Room Areas Where You Shouldn’t Miss Striking a Pose!

Luxury hotel rooms make you experience what is called “luxurious,” that just by taking photos and looking at them, you can already feel how good it is!

When you book a hotel room for a vacation or a staycation, you surely expect for a good accommodation to welcome you warmly. A lot of things about a hotel, especially if it’s luxurious, excite you, because you know that many things that can be found there are not commonly seen when you are just at home.

Aside from the amazing and unique facilities located in the hotel, another thing that will definitely surprise and make you gleeful is the hotel room’s delightful visuals. Hotels do their best to make their rooms as presentable as possible. They want their rooms to indubitably be a place of comfort, rest, and relaxation while guests enjoy their outstanding interiors, structures, and fixtures.

You cannot take any wall or space from the hotel room, so the only thing you can do to take them home with you is to take pictures of them, and better, take pictures with, in, and on them. Yes, you can even do your own photoshoot inside your hotel room!

Now, it’s up to you to make your photos look as creative as you desire. To help you a bit with that, below are six hotel room areas that hotels put lots of effort in designing, arranging, and fixing. These are spots where you can take good shots for your photos! If you want to take unique images, consider these areas:


Hotels have different window types and styles, and when you peek through them, you will also see different views and sides of the building. Take advantage of windows, because you can get sunlight from them; natural light does great with photos!

You can also get a good shot of the outside view, and use it as a background! It would be so nice if you can see nature from your window—the deep blue oceans and the tall green trees would be a refreshing sight!

Don’t forget to use the curtains as your props! You can use them as a backdrop, or as an addition to your excellent silhouette photo. Cute and weeny windows can inspire stunning close-up shots. You can use them as a source of a little light too. Huge and beautiful windows are great for whole body photos. If the whopping window has an area where your whole body can sit or lie on, it would be an awesome chance to take a photo where you look like a part of the impressive view outside. The window borders can serve as your frame. 


Most doors are plain and simple, playing their sole role—to be a mere door. Some hotels however, make it to the point that even with the littlest details of their doors, their guests would be amazed and pleased.

There are grand doors that give you that vintage vibe, while some modern styles make you feel the minimalist and aesthetic trends of today. If you think that the hotel doors in your hotel room would contribute to a fine photograph concept, then hesitate no more to strike a pose there, and get your cameras shooting.


Not everyone thinks that the kitchen could be a nice area to take photos in. Hotel room kitchens are probably not as messy as your kitchen at home. They are usually in simple and well-modeled styles with cool fixtures, and up-to-date appliances.

Hotel room kitchens big enough to have a counter-like area are ideal if you don’t want to show much of the kitchen work and mess you’ve made in the photos you’ll take. Taking photos in there lets you have extraordinary photos that produce either out-of-the-box and wacky snapshots, or just plain yet striking showcases of what the “real kitchen” looks like.


One of the most famous hotel room spots for taking Instagram-worthy photos is the bed! Luxury hotel rooms have extra beautiful beds, bed covers, and bed frames. Make use of those clean white blankets as you open the windows beside the bed for natural morning light! 


One of the most beautiful areas inside a hotel room is its bathroom. Luxury hotel bathrooms make you want to live in there! Their comfort rooms literally give comfort. If you choose a room with a bathtub, don’t miss the chance to have your fab photo in it!

You can choose to wear your clothes and take a unique photo in there, or if you’re more daring and confident, you can take a photo while you are having an “expensive” bubble bath with tasty wine or juice on the side.

You can also do one of many people’s favorite—the mirror shot! Most especially if the hotel has sizable or artistic mirrors, it would definitely be a must to take your pricey mirror shots in that bathroom!


Not all hotels rooms come with a balcony, but in case yours has one, then take advantage of it! If windows already give you a really good glimpse of the glamorous outdoors, imagine how much more balconies can do!

You can use the balcony to set the outdoors as your background, or if you want to give people a peek of how your hotel room looks, and how the hotel actually nicely looks, you can take a shot from the outside too.

If the hotel is located on high ground, it would be really magical and remarkable if you can see from the balcony countless city lights, or those lights coming from a far island after the vast sea in front of the hotel!


Luxury hotel rooms make you experience what is called “luxurious,”so that just by taking photos and looking at them, you can already feel how good it is! Now, if you’re a hotel guest, don’t just put your stuff in the hotel and leave. Don’t just sleep and rest there, but take advantage of the place’s exquisiteness by making sure you have awesome photos before you leave it!

Sometimes you don’t have to go out of your room, because in it excellent and satisfying pictures that serve as your remembrance can be taken! You just need your camera, your colorful ideas, and your confidence ready! Hotel room photos are exclusive and rare, so go take ‘em!   


Nicole Ann Pore finds glee in writing about travel—world destinations, accommodation, tourist sites, vacation spots, and everything else related to it! For her, the beauty of this world is amazing and worth-sharing, and traveling is one of the purest ways to acknowledge it. She is a daytime writer for Holiday Inn Parramatta Hotel, a five-star hotel in Parramatta, New South Wales, which provides a rewarding stay, and a close reach of Australia’s noteworthy features. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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Shot on That Spot: 6 Luxury Hotel Room Areas Where You Shouldn’t Miss Striking a Pose!
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