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Photos I Enjoyed Taking

I hope you enjoy! ;)

New Year's Day 2019 (Before Sunrise)

All photos shown were taken on a Canon EOS 750D.

The photo above is just one of many that I captured over the last year.

Starting to use my camera more, it has been vital to explore its capabilities to make the images produced the best they can be... without further adieu, here are images that I enjoyed taking.

A Big Bang

Fireworks on NYE 2018

ISO 12800 49mm 0ev f5.6 1/100

Fireworks are not easy to capture... you have to get as much light as possible going into you camera and you also you want it to come out clearly.

When this image was captured I was pretty happy.

Enjoying Sunset at Glenelg Beach

Sunset at Glenelg Beach - Adelaide, SA

ISO 160 48mm 0ev f5.6 1/640

Silhouettes are awesome to capture.

When a close friend of mine came up with the idea I thought to give it a go.

Standing Strong

Botanic Gardens - Adelaide, SA

ISO 100 18mm 0ev f5.6 1/640

Fun fact about myself:

I love architecture!

Lighting Sparklers - Keeping the Flame Alive

Messing with Long Exposure at Whale Beach

ISO 800 28mm 0ev f5.6 3.2s

Funnily enough, this image was a mistake...

I changed the camera's settings to take a shot for 3.2 seconds and I decided to test it, but take a photo of where I was standing. I pushed the button and then pointed the camera at my friends and boom!!

What you are seeing is a blended image of the beach and my friends

Nowhere and Everywhere

We were border crossing a lot that day so I don't know.

ISO 100 21mm 0ev f3.5 1/800

I forgot the exact location, but this day involved jumping between South Australia, New South Wales, and Victoria.

Locked to Each Other

Adelaide... it's near the botanic gardens.

ISO 100 18mm 0ev f5.6 1/500

There is something nice about seeing locks on a bridge, just imagine the couple making their promises and saying romantic things...

But I like to imagine that if there are too many locks, the bridge will buckle... so be thoughtful of that, all you young lovers!!

Seek and you will find.

Botanic Gardens - Adelaide, SA

ISO 100 47mm 0ev f5.6 1/160

I could write a whole essay about this photo, the people in it, the location, the flower... but all I will say is that I love it.


Somewhere Outback Straya

ISO 1600 43mm 0ev f5 1/400

It's different when an individual drives. This photo brings emphasis to that.

Always look up.

Cape Otway

ISO 400 31mm 0ev f5.6 1/640

On the way home from Victoria this gem was found, but the photo had to be taken through a fence cause the entrance fee for the lighthouse walk didn't seem worth it.

I like shipwrecks by the way, haunting.


 A Photo of My Best Friend Along the Great Ocean Road

ISO 100 55mm 0ev f8 1/160

The great ocean road is definitely one heck of a drive with incredible coastal views. Even though views are nice, the people in my life are more important and I like capturing them when they are caught up in their moments.