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Photography at Its Best (Pt. 16)

Part Sixteen

The Flat Plane.

As far as you can see is as flat as can be, and this no one who looks at this photograph can deny, with water always finding its level, and the mountains in the distant being 10-20 miles away, then where is the curve?

I see flat.

Flat Sea.

Everywhere I go the flatness of the vistas before is flat, except when mountains, hills, and buildings are in front of you.

The closest part of Scotland can be seen from Portrush, Northern Ireland and it is twelve miles in distance from my fair land, and that is from beach level.

When you stand upon Cavehill in North Belfast, Northern Ireland, you can not only see Scotland many miles away, but also the Mountains of Mourne in County down which are about 25 miles away from Belfast, Northern Ireland, but you can also see over the border into the Republic of Ireland about 50 miles away, and the only things that break up the flat plane before you is man made buildings and constructions and of course mountains and hills.

Heavens Above

Earth Below.

When I was flying recently to London, once the plane had reached its cruising altitude of 33,000 feet, looking out of my window I could see for at least 230 odd miles to the horizon and the only thing below standing above the flat plane all around were mountains, hills, wind farms, villages, towns, cities and other man-made creations; bar that, the plane was flat.

Dromara Hills and Mountains of Mourne

46.2 Miles Away.

The above photograph was taken from the top of Cavehill in North Belfast and is of the Dromara Hills and Mourne Mountains behind in Newcastle which is roughly 46.2 miles away from Cavehill Belfast, and as you can see bar the mountains and man made structures the plane below is flat.

Napoleon's Nose, CaveHill, North Belfast

The Truth Revealed.

Standing on top of Cavehill just outside Belfast, Northern Ireland it is easy to see Scotland on a good day, and even the Northern Lights when they sweep south, which they did two weeks ago in November 2018.

Enjoying the Vista Below

Horizon 50 miles away.

Many climb CaveHill just outside Belfast to see the amazing view of Belfast below, and Scotland, even the Republic of Ireland, which can also be seen on a clear day.

Though it would be better to check with the local weather reports before venturing up a very high hill as Cavehill because the weather can change within minutes, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

As you can see from the above photograph people come from near and far to see the vista's that lie below Cavehill.

Belfast Lough

30 Miles to Horizon.

Right throughout the Cavehill climb are amazing sights to see and if you look at the photograph above, water always finds it level, especially on calm days like the day this photograph was taken.


Next Stop Scotland.

The next stop for the Stena Line ferry is Scotland 22 miles away and the only time that ferry will be going down is in the waves if there any, but one thing is for sure, the ferry above, or any other ferry will not be dropping down over some curve on the plane you live upon.

Port Stewart

A Harbour View.

Everywhere you look has evidence of the earth plane, so get out and about, and do your own investigation on what you are reading, and never stop asking questions no matter how trivial you might think those questions are.

I asked a person I know who works in the troubled company in Belfast, Bombardier, which makes aeroplane parts, "If our planet spins on its axis every 24 hours, then for 12 of those hours we must be upside down, or sideways for 6 of those hours.

"So tell me this, if I hover a helicopter or drone about cicw feet of the ground for 6 to 12 hours, then surely when you land it again it should land somewhere else in the world, but it doesn't. It lands exactly from where it took off from." 

His reply was, "You have got me there, I will have to check into that, and get back to you," which he has yet to do.

Even by hovering five feet off the ground with the rotation of the earth, eventually, trees, bushes, mountains, hills and buildings are going to be hitting your helicopter or drone which is hovering five feet off the ground.

Is this not true?

Ask questions and investigate things upon earth and above, for in doing so you will find enlightenment and truth.

Water always finds its level.

Belfast Lough.

If you like my stories, photographs and poetry and can afford to, please leave a tip so I can achieve my goal of becoming an established author, and to further my photography projects, and to all those who have already left me tips and read my stories, poetry and have seen my photographs, I thank you so much.

Best Wishes:


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