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Photography at Its Best (Pt. 15)

Part Fifteen

Autumn Flying

Once more I bring forth the beautiful colours of autumn, and as a bonus, the movement and flight of birds—once more taken with my Sony Carl Zeiss camera which captures movement amazingly as you can see, so this photograph captures the beauty of autumn, flight, and movement.

The Birds

The Beauty of Flight

Once more I was amazed by the clarity of movement taken with my Sony Carl Zeiss camera.

It is only when I look over my photographs that I realize the amazing images I have captured, and in so much detail, so if you get a chance to buy a Sony Carl Zeiss camera snap it up straight away because your photography when you do will improve dramatically and with very little effort.

As you can see with the photos of the birds, the capture of the movement of those birds is amazing, and is the reason for my hobby of photography, which I love to do when the cluster headaches, leg, back, and neck problems allow. And now with Vocal, I can write my stories and reveal my old and new photographs daily, which is what I will try to do, with at least one story a day, if not more. However, that depends on the beasts of my head, cluster headaches, which have been a daily companion, although not a welcome one.

The Movement of Seagulls

The Dance of the Birds

Once more my Sony Carl Zeiss camera has captured the movement of these seagulls amazingly. With so much detail of the hovering seagulls, you can almost hear their wings flapping and their seagull call.

Amazing Photography

Amazing Flight of Seagulls

Once more I was amazed by this photograph I took of the seagulls flying, and every time I look at it, it amazes me more.

Autumn Tree

The Beauty of Yellow and Green

The father or mother tree, standing proud and tall in the autumn chill, with the beauty of the autumn change still very much clothed.

This chestnut tree, which could be many decades in age has seen so many changes in its life, and though this autumn and beginning of winter have been mild so far this 2018, temperatures dipped to seven below last night on the 21st day of November. So winter is on her way, and this one could be a cold one at times.

Autumn Colours

The Living Fallen Tree

Autumn is just amazing, especially the crunching of the leaves beneath your feet, and the smells of autumn in the air.

I notice the broken tree above and saw that is was still growing even though it succumbed to a storm, or possibly by some young teenager bouncing up and down one it. Yet, despite its mishap, the strength of this young trees spirit has kept is alive against the odds. Where most other trees would have died from such injuries to its trunk, this young tree was defying the odds.

Autumn's Way

A Pathway of Leaves

The photograph above looks like nature has just laid down a carpet of golden leaves so you can just walk along it as one of her honoured guests who has come to see her beauty.

It is like a pathway to another world of beauty, which few see in all its glory unless they get out and about to see the beauty of nature and her spirits.

The Beauty of Trees

The Beauty of Autumn Leaves

It does not matter how many I have seen autumn and her beauty, each time she comes along with her spirits her beauty never changes. Even though the trees and plant life changes until spring again, their changing is a thing of breathtaking beauty and well-worth recording for Vocal—as well as for other social media sites you might be on, so others might see your gifted eyes and photographic work. And also to enjoy the stories that come with them, and everyone of us has many stories within us, so just begin to write and add your photographs to your own personal stories. You will find the words will come from the photographs and the memories each photograph will bring to you.

Red Head Beauty

The Dress of a Tree

What a place to live underneath if this magnificent tree was on your land and once more the beauty of this specimen of tree is breathtaking. This is why earthly human beings wonder after such beauty, because it takes them to a place this fast earth can never bring them too.

An Autumn Sunset

Red Sky at Night

If you like my stories, photographs, and poetry, and can afford to, please leave a tip so I can grow closer to fulfilling my goal of becoming an established Author, and to further my photographic projects. And to all those who have already tipped me a gift and read my stories, poetry, and have seen my photography.

Best Wishes


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