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Photography at Its Best (Pt. 14)

Part Fourteen

West Belfast, St.Peter's Cathedral and Divis Tower

Taken from the top floor of the Royal Victoria Hospital, West Belfast, Belfast City, Northern Ireland, as you can see the view is amazing right across the Lower Falls Road, out to the New Lodge flats on the top left, and right down to Belfast Harbour on the top right, and even showing the Rathcoole flats behind Divis flats.

Once more, I took this photograph with my Carl Zeiss camera, which is an amazing camera.

Where the River Lagan Flows into the Sea

On the Waterfront

Looking from the Odyssey Arena, East Belfast across the mouth of the River Lagan is the River Lagan Bridge and to the far right is the Custom House, and in between the large office block and Custom House you can just see the Albert Clock directly across from Belfast's High Street.

I add locations at times to help the reader of my stories and those who see my photographs locate the places in and around Belfast and Northern Ireland that I write about and photograph so they can get the best experience when visiting Northern Ireland and Belfast.

Taxis protest.

Belfast Taxis

The day I took this photograph, the Famous Belfast Taxis were protesting against the new bus lanes and their cameras, which were catching many of them out by photographing them straying into them, which then saw them receiving fines for doing so.

The Squirrel Tree

Squirrel Face

As the above photograph shows you, if you have a gifted eye then photographs can pop up in all the most unusual places.

This tree just reminded me of a squirrel's face so I took out my camera and snapped this funny photograph so don't forget to keep your eyes peeled and your cameras handy, and then share your stories and photographs with all on and beyond.

This is why my photographs are of so many different subjects as you can all see. I just love my hobby of photography which calms the extreme pain of my brain condition called cluster headaches at times, but sadly not all the time.

The River Lagan Seal

Sealy the Seal

When I was out with a friend driving past the River Lagan in Stranmillis, Belfast, I suddenly saw this swimming along the Lagan. I then asked my friend to stop as quickly as they could and couldn't believe my eyes because what was swimming up the River Lagan, several miles up from the sea, was a seal.

Sealy the Seal

Miles from the Sea

The seal was happy as Larry even thought it was way up the River Lagan, though I haven't been back in a while to see if it still swims in the River Lagan, miles away from its natural home of the sea, so something quite tasty must have been on the menu, such as trout and possibly salmon, but one thing was for sure, it was an amazing sight to see.

No matter where you visit or walk, there are multitudes of photographs to be taken if you have a little patience and time on your hands, and what better a place to go walking than out in nature itself, and like me, you might be lucky on snapping the amazing and out of place, "The River Lagan Seal."

Steam Train Band

Lisburn Train Station

On some Friday nights, a steam train travels from Central Station in Belfast and could stop anywhere on the Northern Ireland railway network, so it's a bit of a mystery journey and only costs £30, and you can bring your own drink, and even dress in vintage clothing.

I took this photograph when the steam train and band rolled into Lisburn Station in County Antrim while waiting on a train for Belfast, so it was a nice break from the normally empty train station, and I got some nice photographs.

Full Steam Ahead

Bygone Days

She is an impressive engine and piece of engineering, and well worth a trip on some Friday night in summer, and take a trip back in time, if only for a little while.

If you like my stories, photographs, and poems and can afford it, please leave a tip to help with me trying to become an established author, and to further improve my photography projects, and to all of you who have already left me a tip and have read my stories and poems, I thank you so very much.

Best Wishes:


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