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Photography at Its Best (Pt. 13)

Part Thirteen

Amazing Beauty.

Autumn has to be one of the most beautiful seasons in the year, with spring coming in a close second, but for me, autumn is the winner for it colours and beauty be she goes to sleep until spring, and new life begins from old bodies, especially in the grandfather and mother trees.

Leave Us Alone

The Beauty of Leaves.

Even leaves which seem so dead will bring life to other vegetation as they compost above their seeds, awakening the young of many species of plants, who have souls as you and me.

Those who live upon the earth plane forget that all living things, be they earthly human beings, animals or vegetation, which is why when you cut flowers the slowly die within days, unless water and chemicals keep them alive a bit longer, but eventually they die.

This is why when you want to give a present of vegetation to another you should always give them living flowers and plants because they bring happiness to your own beings, believe it or not.

I remember several years ago it was revealed by the Prince Charles of Wales that he spoke to flowers and plants and everyone thought he was mad, but they could not be further from the truth, for just as animals respond to human interacting with them, so does vegetation, your flowers, plants, trees, bushes etc...

The Blushing Beauty

Beautiful Nature.

Tell me you do not see beauty within my photographs in this story and others and I will tell you, "You know not love, and respect not beauty."

If it catches my eyes and mind then it is crying out to be photographed, regardless if it living or static, such as buildings, though even in an invisible way they to move, and live in energy form which out minds collect together into a form we understand, such as the world we live upon and all we do, all you can see comes from thoughts, which is why we are, because we think.

Almost Naked

Shedding your Clothing.

Trees and other vegetation does not die every autumn and winter the just seem to.

In truth, they grow all their lives, and as many reveal they spread their seeds, the next generation far and wide through winds which carry them far away country's and counties to begin anew.

Some trees live to thousands of years of age, and just as your children come from you, the young of vegetation comes from them and each species of vegetation comes from its own.

So don't forget to say "Hi" to your flowers, plants and trees this autumn and winter, it will make them feel special in the cold days and nights.

Colours of Autumn

The Changing.

At the moment there is so much beauty out there to be photographed and none of it is a million miles away, most of it is in and around your own houses or apartments, so get snapping.

Mellow Yellow

Golden Beauty.

How beautiful are the photographs of nature I include within my latest Vocal story.

When I am able to get out and about I take as many photographs as I can because most of my days are confined indoors with several serious illnesses, one of which is chronic cluster headaches.

This is why nature helps lift my spirit at times, especially through the dark autumn and winter days and nights.

Mild Change

A Warmer Changing.

With this autumn being very mild so far, and no true sign of winter descending yet, the trees and other vegetation are a bit confused and remain fully clothed this November 2018.

The air also is very still these last week, with little wind to shake the leaves from the trees, which is why many still hold their last beauty of the year, though colder temperatures will eventually descent to freeze that which remains of the year past.

The all vegetation will adjust their body clocks and slow down their growth as they take a break in the northern part of the earth plane.

A Murmuration

A Belfast Murmuration.

Another later autumn amazing sight to see is the Queen's Bridge murmuration which is truly a sight to see in the early autumn afternoon, just before nightfall as the starlings come home from all over Belfast and beyond to roost.

To watch them dance through the sky of East Belfast as dusk descends is truly amazing and well worth a visit with your technology to capture this amazing sight every night in autumn.

You can the share you own stories and show your own photographs and videos here on Vocal who pay you for your storytelling and photographs that come with your stories, and open you up to a new audience from the four corners of the earth plane.

So get out their a start happy snapping and then bring your gift of storytelling to the earth, because we all Have the gift of photography, and believe it or not storytelling, and as you add your new stories to Vocal and beyond then your writing skills will improve, and some of you might even go on to write your own books with your own photography within them.

If you like my storytelling and photography and can afford to, please leave a tip so I can further my goal of becoming an established Author, and to further my Photography projects, and to all those so far who have tipped me and read my stories and seen my photographs I thank you very much.

Best Wishes:


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Photography at Its Best (Pt. 13)
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