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Photography at Its Best (Pt. 12)

Part Twelve.

Scrabo Tower

As you are walking up the hill to Scrabo Tower, overlooking Newtownards, County Down, Northern Ireland, you begin to appreciate the actual size of one of my ancestor's buildings.

Coming from the bloodline of Stewart myself, Scrabo Tower was built in honour of one of my ancestors, Charles Vane, though that is the surname of his wife, who was the money behind the couple. Changing your surname to your wife's is rare, and a very foolish act by Charles William Stewart, but like all upon Earth, we have freewill, and I suppose money talks, because Charles only became rich through his wife's wealth.

I have already written about Scrabo Tower in my other stories, but finding new photographs of her, I am compelled to show her more because of her size and beauty.

Scrabo on the Hill

Scrabo Tower

As you can see, Scrabo Tower, which overlooks the town of Newtownards in the kingdom of County Down, is an impressive construction, which can be seen all over west down and along the west coast of Strangford Lough, one of the most beautiful parts of the world you will ever see.

Strangford Lough


If you are ever visiting Northern Ireland, you must visit the Kingdom of Down and the beautiful Strangford Lough, and the towns of Portaferry above, and where I am standing when I took this photograph, in the town of Strangford.

Both towns can be reached by taking the Strangford-Portaferry ferry both ways, depending on which town you reach first.

Down Below

Ulster Museum

The Ulster Museum in Belfast City, Northern Ireland is a must visit for tourists or just visitors to Belfast City because of the countless gems within it, which will amaze you and educate you about the history of Northern Ireland and beyond.

This photograph was taken four floors up and I changed it into black and white because I thought it was a more effective photograph without colour.

You should try changing some of your photographs into black and white and even try editing them into your own art photography pieces as I have done and posted on Vocal. You might be surprised at your results.


Autumn Pathway

I love all seasons of the year, but autumn is a magical season of changing colours as autumn prepares the plant life for winter, but it is the colours that capture my eyes and mind.

Autumn Leaves

The Fall

You could even use the above photograph and make it into wallpaper for your room, which would be beautiful and so striking for your family and friends to take in. Then you could change your room to suit the seasons if you can afford to change your decor as the year begins and moves on month by month.

Just a thought.

The last of the autumn is still with us due to the mild autumn, so you still have time to get out and about and get some photographs of the last of the colours of autumn 2018.

The Lady with a Hoop

Beacon of Hope

Many times I have taken photographs of the lady with the hoop who stands in hope beside the river lagan in Belfast, Northern Ireland, right beside the waterfront hall.

Sometimes I catch her trying to catch a passing jet plane and, like this photograph above, trying to catch the seagull sitting on the street lamp. Even though she never moves, when you catch her just right, she moves quite a lot, and does quite a lot if you get your photograph at the right second in time.

As I have already written in my other stories on Vocal, you might be taking a photograph of whatever you are photographing and when you upload that photograph to your laptop or computer and in the background or any part of the photograph you have taken could be another photograph or photographs to edit and then make you another main photograph, so always look at your photographs carefully for you never know what else is within your photograph or photographs.

If you like my stories and photographs and can afford to, please leave a tip to help with me becoming a established author, and to help me with my photographic projects, and to all of those who have already tipped me and read my stories and seen my photographs, I thank you all.

Best Wishes:


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Photography at Its Best (Pt. 12)
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