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Photography at Its Best 2018 (Pt. 9)

Part Nine

The Lookout.

Belfast City, Northern Ireland is also a City like most with thousands of sculptures, statues and memorials to the famous, and not so famous, of Northern Ireland, and of course Belfast City.

I didn't get this chap's name because it was the seagull that caught my attention, standing proud upon the statue of this chap in the grounds of the City Hall, in the middle of Belfast City.

Birds always catch my attention because of the way they can just fly without much visible effort. Even when storms blow through, birds are masters of the sky, and earthly human beings do not even come close to mimicking the grace of birds, even though they fly planes and other airborne crafts, birds are still the master of the skies.

The above photograph also made me laugh because of proudness of the bird standing on the head of the learned chap depicted in the statue; it is kinda like a message to the mighty and powerful, that eventually, they become they become bird toilets as the next photograph reveals.

Having a shit day!

The Bird Toilet.

The pigeons  and seagulls of Belfast are the rulers of the City skies and City Hall, with hundreds of them strutting around the City Hall Gardens, which are also a tourist attraction if truth be told.

Belfast City Hall

A Side way look at Belfast City Hall.

There are many angles to photograph the City Hall in Belfast City, as well as other photographs you might be taking.

Experiment with your camera's and angles and once more you will be surprised at the results and excellent photographs you have created; and you are the creator of that piece of photography and art, because photographs are work of art also.

As you can see from my other stories on Vocal, Belfast City Hall always catches my eyes, and every time I pass through it, or around it, I always see new photographic opportunities and angles in a building I have photographed thousands of times over the years.

The Crown Bar

Alan Quigley 

I bought this piece of art from an artist friend of mine, the well known Alan Quigley, and as you can see it is of the Crown Bar, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Alan has a strange, but funny sense of humour, and if you look closely at the two women walking past in the painting, the woman closest to you is carrying a pint of beer in her right hand, whereas the other woman closest to the bar has her breasts uncovered, both of which would never happen in the 50s as this painting depicts, or today if truth be told.

I just loved the subject matter within the picture, especially of such a famous Belfast Bar, and though it is not a photograph per say, I own the copyright for this piece of art, and it is a photograph of the painting hanging in my apartment.

You should also check out my friend, Irish Artist, Alan Quigley because his art is amazing.

Belfast City Hall

The Back of Belfast City Hall.

As already written, explore the things you photograph, and the angles in which you photograph your subject matter, and also play with black and white editing because black and white photographs never age, and some photographs are even better in black and white.

Belfast Alleyway

Back Streets of Belfast.

Even the back streets of Belfast can produce some beautiful photographs, especially if you have gifted eyes to see that beauty, which most have if they but only use to look around themselves.


City Transport.

I love this photograph because it mixes the new of the city hire bikes and the old telephone box, which are rare now in Northern Ireland, though there are a few hundred left if you were to explore the whole of Northern Ireland. This one in Belfast City is very rare indeed.

Another statistic is, Belfast City has the highest rate of theft of the city hire bikes in Europa, which is sad, but who is stealing them, and why are there no trackers on them?

The telephone box and city hire bikes are so clean and then along the fence behind them is thick weeds, which I have no problem with in my photograph because it adds to its beauty; but in a city, a modern city, it is an eye sore.

Mighty Belfast City Hall

The Glory of a City Hall.

Once more I feature Belfast City Hall with Queen Victoria standing proud in front of it.

It truly is a beautiful building to photograph, day and night, and in some occasions is lit up in different colours in remembrance of a world day or event.

If you like my stories and photographs please leave a tip and help me become a professional Author, and to those who have already tipped me, and read my stories I thank you so much.

Best Wishes:


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