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Photography at Its Best 2018 (Pt. 8)

Part Eight

Irish Spud of Love

The above photograph shows you that anything can be photographed, even a spud in the shape of a heart is nature telling you it loves you, so try and love nature back.

So always have your cameras close by you so you do not miss the chance to take a cracker photography, even if it is a vegetable or piece of fruit.

There are so many things out there in this big old world waiting to be photographed, to be shared with the world, so others can see your the gift of your eyes and handy work through your photography.

The Beauty of Blue

Blue Heaven and Earth

I love this photograph just outside Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland on the shores of Belfast Lough because of the blueness of the day when I took it.

The shores of Belfast Lough are magical places to visit on both sides of the Lough. Especially on a sunny day, the beauty of breathtaking blue—if I say so myself.

So get out and about with your cameras and snap away til your hearts delight.

Beautiful Belfast Lough

Belfast Harbour and Lough

As you can see, I love being around Belfast Lough, with Belfast Shipyard and the giant cranes on the middle-lefthand side, which are called Samson and Goliath.

The photograph shows the beauty of the lough, shipyard, harbour, mountains and skyline, all of which complicate each other well, and if this made into a painting, then its beauty would be breathtaking as such a piece of art.

I love photographing everything and if I get just one excellent photograph out of a thousand, then I am a happy bunny, though there are many times I see something and hear that voice in my head, "Take a photograph," and then I regret missing the moment.

Highway to Heaven

Heavens Above

As I have already written in my other stories, sunsets always capture my eyes and imagination, especially when it comes to the supposed Sun being 93 million miles away. Yet in my photograph above, the Sun is localized, which if it were 93 million miles away then the above Sun would not be able to do this. The Sun is below the solid firmament above, as are the Moon and stars.

Strangford Lough

County Down

The beautiful Strangford Lough is a picture postcard place with so much beauty it will take your breath away.

The Kingdom of Down has so much history connected with it, from Saint Patrick to Coney Island, which Van Morrisson made famous through his song poem of the same name, Coney Island.

The photograph above was taken on the shores of Strangford Lough, and you can get the ferry over to Portaferry on the left shore of this photograph.

Strangford Lough has some of the strongest tidal currents in the world and has a tidal wave powered electricity turbine in the middle of it, which can be seen in the distance in this photograph.

The Kingdom of Down is well worth a visit and hiring a car or going on a bus tour, or even private tour of the kingdom, for the history of the place and its wildlife, and beauty, and do not forget to visit Downpatrick where Saint Patrick is supposed to be buried.


Millisle, County Down

Ballycopeland Windmill is a mile outside Millisle, County Down, Northern Ireland and is a fully functioning windmill from a bygone age.

The windmill is open to the public and is well worth a visit, as is the small village Millisle and around the coast of this part of County Down, especially on a beautiful sunny day.

The windmill is the last remaining windmill out of hundreds in the County Down region and is well worth photographing if you get the chance to visit County Down, Northern Ireland.

Flying Your Own Kite

Summer Flying

This is a beautiful photograph with the beautiful Heather as my model once more on the shores of Belfast Lough, Seapark, Holywood, County Down, which is a beautiful park of Northern Ireland with miles upon miles of walks along the shore of Belfast Lough.

I also love how the Sun caresses the kite and also how is streaks across the lough and wet beach.

When I get the chance to visit the sea I jump at it because I am confined indoors most of the time with the extreme condition of cluster headaches, or suicide headaches as they are called, so seeing nature completely lifts my flesh and soul, though I have not been near the sea now in five years which is sad for one who once took so many photographs and like to get out and about.

The Waterfront Theatre Belfast

Belfast Waterfront

Right in the middle of Belfast City is the Waterfront Theatre, right beside the River Lagan where many a famous artist or actor has performed, and is a building of very modern architecture and well worth a visit, inside and out, especially for all those who love taken photographs, so happy snapping folks until my next story is posted, and you have never been to Belfast or Northern Ireland, then book yourselves a trip for a hundred thousand welcomes awaits you.

If you like my stories and photographs, could you please leave a tip to help me achieve my goal of becoming a professional author. And to those who have already left me tips and have read my stories, I thank you very much indeed.

Best Wishes


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Photography at Its Best 2018 (Pt. 8)
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