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Photography at Its Best 2018 (Pt. 6)

Part Six

Belfast City Hall.

Of all the photographs I have ever taken of Belfast City Hall, Northern Ireland, this one is my favourite.

I was travelling through Belfast City at dusk, just after the City Hall night lights came on and the sight you now see in the above photograph is the sight I snapped, which to me is amazing and fit for any postcard from Belfast.

I just caught the moment at the right moment the night I took this photograph and I am glad I did, and am able to share it with you here on Vocal and through other sites I am on to share it with the world.

Out for a Punt

A River Lagan Punt.

This was another photograph taken at dusk, which is a beautiful time to take photographs because of the different colours all around, especially if it has been a sunny day, though it does not have to be sunny to capture dramatic and beautiful photographs.

Photographs can also capture your imagination and enable the viewer to be transported right into the action within each photograph.

In the above photograph I was imagining what it was like to take a punt of the River Lagan, or any river if truth be told.

Belfast City Hall

The City Hall at Dusk.

Once more the City Hall in Belfast caught my eyes as dusk was fallen and her lights came on, and once I snapped the beauty of this historical building, with Queen Victoria standing proudly in front of her and the eleven figures above her front door, seven of whom are females on a building built by men in the 1800s.

For those who believe photographs should be square and prim and proper, remember this important truth: You are unique and should be free to produce your own photography and photography art as you wish to do, and now the majority of clones say you should do it this way or that, so be yourself, and your results will be amazing and unique.

Water Selfie

Reflections of Self.

If you ever get the chance to take a walk along the River Lagan on the outskirts of Belfast, the wildlife you will find will amaze you, from herons, cranes, foxes, seals...

This bird had me thinking, "I wonder what he or she is thinking about." Is he or she bored, happy, sad, contemplating life, or just waiting for a fish to pass by for dinner? But one thing is sure, he or she is thinking about something and is not just a stupid bird.

Canadian Geese and Belfast Murals

The Geese of Peace.

I captured this photograph in Lower Shankill Estate, Shankill Road, West Belfast, Belfast City, Northern Ireland, where the Canadian Geese come each year for the winter and walk among the murals which has the tourists totally in awe at such a sight in the middle of a Belfast Estate.

In the background the mural says "Play" and ahead of the mural, but still in the background is one of the famous or infamous Belfast Black Taxis, which now take tourists around the Protestant and Catholic Estates where the murals are in their thousands; the tourists only see a fraction of the true number and diversity of the murals in both areas, but none of them have the spectacle and amazing sight of the Canadian Geese, only the Lower Shankill Estate.

Belfast Peace Wall

West Belfast Peace Wall.

Once more I include a photograph of one of Northern Ireland's peace walls, which first went up in the 1960s to keep religious factions apart, and sadly, even after 20 years of relative peace, the peaces walls of Northern Ireland remain up.

This is another must for those who are visiting Northern Ireland and especially Belfast, and as you can see on the bottom right, tourists buses are constantly stopping and passing the peace wall in West Belfast.

There are also the Belfast City hop on, hop off buses which take in some of the attractions Belfast City has to offer, which is a shame for the tourists because Belfast City has so much more to offer than they see on the bus tours.

Canadian Geese and Belfast Murals

The Gaggle coming for a Google.

The Canadian Geese  are truly an amazing sight to see in the Lower Shankill Estate, Belfast as they come to say hello to all who come by to say hello to them. They are also the best fed geese in Northern Ireland and well respected and cared for by the locals in the Lower Shankill Estate, West Belfast, and should be there now in November, though year after year their grazing ground is depleting due to new buildings and parks going up all over the estate.

A Winter Gander

Canadian Geese in Winter.

The Canadian Geese come to Belfast, Northern Ireland to get away from the cold winters of Canada, and though the year this photograph was taken reached minus 12, the hardy Canadian Geese were not phased by the Northern Irish winter.

An Owl Piece of Concrete

Concrete Owl.

The above photograph, believe it or not, is a piece of concrete that I saw on a pavement on a Belfast street, and it amazed me and reminded me that there are photographs to be taken anywhere you go, and in the most unusual places also as the above photograph proves.

So always look around you when you are out and about, or do what I do ask your spirit guides before you go out to guide you to photographs.

It always works for me, and maybe will for you if you but ask.

If you like my stories and posts please leave a tip to help me achieve my goal of becoming a professional author and to further progress with my photographic projects, and to all those who have already gifted me tips and have read my stories and posts, I thank you.

Best Wishes:


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Photography at Its Best 2018 (Pt. 6)
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