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Photography at Its Best 2018 (Pt. 5)

Part Five

Lovers on the Shore

I love this photograph because of the Belfast Shipyard in the background, the tide being out, and the only couple on the beach. That's why I called it "Lovers on the Shore."

The Eye of Ra

Sun of God

Once more we have the spectacular shores of Belfast Lough as the Sun is going down over Black Mountain over in West Belfast.

I love they way the Sun streaks across the lough as if pointing you to the way of it beauty, and it is beautiful, even if I say so myself.

Angry Skies

The Calm before the Storm

I love this photograph because of its dramatic warning of a storm coming, as thunder clouds descend over Belfast Lough.

All these locations are close to Belfast City and all the above photographs were taken on the Lough shore at SeaPark, Holywood, County Down, a few miles outside Belfast heading to Bangor.

Titanic Quarter

Belfast Harbour

Back in Belfast and looking towards the Titanic Quarter, as I already wrote earlier, the Titanic Exhibition Center is a must visit when you are in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and as you can see, the Shipyard where the ill-fated Titanic was built, and where the cranes of Samson and Goliath stand proud looking over Belfast City.

Catching Planes

Beacon of Hope

The above piece of art is representing women workers and is a beautiful piece of art looking over the River Lagan, though in this photograph she is just about to catch that approaching plane.

Locks of Love

Locks with Personal Messages

These locks are no longer there on the bridge across the River Lagan, which I think were there in support of suicide awareness, but alas the bridge was updated and the locks removed, though I am sure they could have welded the locks upon the new bridge so as to remind the City of Belfast, and Northern Ireland of the skyrocketing suicide rates that are growing year on year, most of which are due to our troubled past and of course the curse of child abuse which is another legacy left to the now adults who as children were abused by their peers.

The Belfast Fish

The Story Fish

The above piece of art is situated on the shores of the River Lagan, just before Belfast Harbour, and when you get up close to it you will find upon it tiny stories and pictures on the fishes scales, and as you can see behind it are the mighty cranes of Belfast Shipyard, Samson and Goliath.

Fountain Walkway

The Fountain Walkway to the East

This is another piece of Belfast art which can be found near Custom House Belfast and as you can see it on your way towards the Belfast Shipyard, which is just over the mouth of the River Lagan in Belfast.

I love this photograph because of how my Carl Zeiss camera catches the movement of the water suspended in movement as the photograph was taken,  it is just like the amazing movement that I  captured when I took the photograph in my story post, "Photography at Its Best 2018."

As a camera for taking moving photograph my Carl Zeiss camera and my Sony disc camera are second to none, though I sure their are better cameras out there in the market because my two above cameras are over then years old not, but still they give me a lot of pleasure when I use them, and as you can see the results of those photographs are amazing, even if I say so myself.

The Nomadic Ferry

Titanic Ferry and Exhibition Center

The Nomadic ferry was built to carry first and second class passengers to the Titanic and Olympic Cruise Liners, and also the mail.

As you can see from above, the Nomadic was a ship in its own right, even though it was built in 1911 to carry passengers and mail to the mighty ships of the White Star Line.

The Nomadic Ferry sits in a dry dock right beside the Titanic Exhibition Center and at times is open to the public, but you would be better to take a full Titanic Tour which covers the ferry, or watch out for day trips.

The Titanic Slipway

Titanic Slipway

The Titanic slipway is where the mighty ship slipped into Belfast Harbour and is right behind the Titanic Exhibition Center in the Titanic Quarter, East Belfast, Northern Ireland.

I change some photographs into black and white because they are more effective in black and white, which if truth be told never ages.

You should try this yourselves and see what results come out, you may be surprised at those results.

Well that is another little story and post finished for now, I hope you enjoyed it, and my other stories and posts, and if there is anyway you can help me achieve my goal of becoming a professional Author and to further my photography projects, then please leave a tip, and a big thank you to all of you who have already tipped me and read my story posts.

Best Wishes


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Photography at Its Best 2018 (Pt. 5)
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