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Photography at Its Best 2018 (Pt. 4)

Part Four

The Ghost of Jack Frost.

I actually took this photo when I was smoking and when I uploaded it to my laptop I saw this amazing icy cold face starring back at me, which made me laugh, and once more this tells you to always check all your photographs because you never know what you might find.

It is even more spooky because it appeared in front of a church, smoke or no smoke, and as I have already written, nothing is by chance, and even the spirits can make things happen without little effort on their part.

93,000,000 miles away?

The Localized Sun.

They say the Sun is around 93,000,000 miles away, but as this photograph of mine taken on the shores of Strangford Lough, County Down, Northern Ireland. The Sun is localized as it shines through the clouds in the early evening.

Now if the Sun and Moon are below the solid firmament above, then they are closer than you think.

Free as a bird.


This photo was taken outside the Titanic Exhibition Center in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and is a must for any visiting Belfast because the exhibition center is one of the world's biggest attractions. This is because of the fame of the Titanic's story.

The Sun

Sun of God.

I just like this photograph because of its simplicity and beauty, which is another example of taking photographs of everything, which you can then edit to suit your own photographic needs and finishing.

The Murmuration

A Belfast Murmuration.

Everyday in autumn and winter this amazing sight can be seen, photographed and filmed from Queens Bridge, East Belfast, and is amazing to see as the evening begins.

Once more nature does the business without any effort and I was lucky to be there to capture this moment of magic.

Scrabo Tower

Stewart Bloodline.

Scrabo Tower above Newtownards and overlooking Strangford Lough was built by one of my ancestors Charles William Stewart, who was the third Marquess of Londonderry.

He and his wife also owned Mount Stewart, but Scrabo Tower was built in honour of Charles Stewart after his death, which the locals paid for due to his kindness to them while alive.

He was also a friend of Napoleon III who donated money for the building of the monument to honour Charles Stewart.

Explore the Shore

Childhood Friends.

This photograph took me straight back to my childhood days and the fun I used to have with my friends exploring the great outdoors.

I also love the blueness of the river and the ocean and the contrast of them and the small piece of beach and the mountains in the distant.

This piece photography would look great in any seaside property, guesthouse, hotel, or pub, or even in a gallery for all to see. For now Vocal and Twitter will have to do, but this photograph is one of my favourites out of the thousands of photographs I have saved over the years.

Life in our childhoods was slower in those days, but now everything is fast foreword into perdition.


I saw three ships go sailing by.

I saw three ships go sailing by in Belfast Lough which was an amazing sight to see, and once more having my technology around me was a Godsend to capture this amazing photograph. Once more, the only earthly human being to take it out of 7.6 billion earthly human beings upon earth.

Look behind you!

It's Behind You.

This is another photograph taken on the shores of Belfast Lough, Northern Ireland, and as you can see it reveals an amazing scene of a large ship bearing down on a yacht; though in reality they were not that close if truth be told. Here's another amazing fact about this photograph: In the foreground to the bottom right is a seal popping its head out of the water to photo bomb my photograph, which I thought was cute and funny.

Well that's another story and post finished, and if you can help in my quest to becoming a professional Author, and to continue with my photographic projects, please leave a tip. To those who have already tipped and read my stories, I thank you very much.

Best Wishes.


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Photography at Its Best 2018 (Pt. 4)
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