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Photography at Its Best 2018 (Pt. 3)

Part Three

The Ghosts of Soller.

I took the above photograph on the road to Soller, Mallorca, Spain. It was only when I uploaded it to my laptop that I was stunned by what I was seeing.

If you look to the right of the central figures, as you look at your screen and slightly down to the central figures chest, you can clearly see either and male or female knight, complete with short hair like Joan of Ark. You can even see his or her eyes and nose, and he or her is wearing a full suit of armour. Then behind him or her is what looks like a Norman soldier.

This is why I keep telling you to survey your photographs slowly and clearly, because you never know what is lurking in the background or in another part of your photographs.

I have shown this photograph to hundreds of people personally and through the tens of thousands of people through the social media sites I am on, including Vocal, and all of them can see the knight. However, the Norman soldier is a bit harder to see, and I know this. If I were to return to the spot wear I took this photograph today in 2018, on the mountain road heading to Soller, Mallorca, Spain, the same picture with the mysterious figures appearing in it would not be there within a new photograph.

Morning Has Broken

A Cala San Vincente Sunrise.

Once I reveal to you the beautiful bay of Cala San Vincente, Mallorca, Spain whose sunrises and sunsets were amazing, as is the quiet village full of friendly Spanish locals.

Cala San Vincente is in the north-west of Mallorca and is well worth a visit for it breathtaking beauty, and if you are ever in Mallorca during the autumn or winter months, the storms in Cala San Vincente are spectacular to say the least, which part two of photography at its best shows.

When I take photographs of all the subjects you have seen in all my stories and posts, and get results like I do and am able to share them with many others, it gives me a boost while I contend with my illnesses.

The Mountains of Mallorca

Winter in Mallorca.

Most do not realize that the North of Mallorca, Spain is very cold in winter, with even less knowing at times that the North of Mallorca has heavy snow in the mountains and down on the beaches as temperatures drop dramatically in November and right through the winter months.

Those who stay on the Island of Mallorca in winter light their fires and heat their houses, villas and apartments with gas, which few who visit Mallorca for a week or two in summer comprehend.

The Blue Lagoon

Cala San Vincente in Summer.

I always loved Mallorca for winter and summer. When the Sun shone upon Cala San Vincente, its beauty shone too to all who visited on days out exploring the amazing Island of Mallorca.

Even the storms in earthly May and November were amazing, where streets turn to rivers. It is best to book a property high above the street and not below, as many properties were. They flooded badly when heavy rain fell, and there was even a twister or two.

Sunset over Alcudia.

Alcudia Sunset.

As I've already written, Mallorcan sunrises and sunsets are truly amazing, as are sunrises and sunsets in many parts of the world.

The colours that capture my eyes and mind. Lying back or simply just sitting and watching the beauty of the Sun and sky warms my whole being, and confirms my thoughts of nothing being by chance. Even the beauty of the sunrises and sunsets tells me that such beauty had to be created by a Master and Mistress of true Heavenly Art.

White Horses Rushing to the Shore

Old Alcudia.

The above photograph was taken coming into the Old Town of Alcudia, if you are coming into it from Pollensa in Mallorca, Spain.

Once more, it is a stormy day in Mallorca, which always meant trips out to get photographs of the storm—never boring and always exciting.

The sea always draws me into it beauty, whether it is calm or stormy, but it is the stormy seas that have the most impact visually, both personally and when you share you photographs with the rest of the earth.

Well that is another little story finished for now. If you like what you are reading and seeing, please leave a tip to help me become a professional author, and to further my photographic projects. To those who have already tipped me and read my little stories, I thank you very much indeed.

Best Wishes:


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