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Photography at Its Best 2018 (Pt. 2)

Part Two

An Angel Cloud

Do not be afraid to take photos of everything you see because as I have already written in my other stories and posts on Vocal, everything you see has its own kind of beauty, and if it captures your eyes and mind then it is well worth photographing and sharing with the world.

Angel Cloud

Angel in Blue.

Angel clouds always catch my eyes and mind, which is why I photograph them when possible, which is usually on cold crisp days in late autumn, early winter, and each one of them is beautiful in its own way, with some of them depicting angels, people's faces, animals, and a multitude of other things and their shapes.

Some of them are just simply beautiful.

Angel Cloud Display

Simply Beautiful

Clouds are in the heavens above for our enjoyment and for displays of their might and beauty, and none of them are by chance, and believe it or not billions are captured by their beauty and terror at times, which social media sites such as Vocal and others reveal with their many photos of clouds of all shapes and sizes uploaded by the likes of you and I.

I love watching clouds evolve before my eyes, from one shape, face, or animal to another, which they do quite a lot, but because people are constantly looking down at their modern technology these days, and only those at rest and not completely hooked on that modern technology have time to look above them to see the beauty that unfolds above their heads on a second by second basis.

Cala San Vincente, Mallora, Spain

The Angel of the Sea

I took this photo in Cala San Vincente, Mallorca, Spain on one of her stormy October days, and if you look at the man walking down the hill beside the sea wall, you can truly see the size of this wave in the shape of an Angel.

The sea is another part of nature that totally amazes me and captures my eyes, and my mind.

I can sit for hours just watching the sea and all its shapes and colours and of course its effects it brings forth throughout my being.

I miss Mallorca and her beautiful storms and sunny weather, all of which were beautiful in their own way, and the further I explored the beautiful island the more beauty I saw, from its many shorelines to its highest mountains.

The Stalker

Mallorcan Wildlife

This beautiful photograph of a heron stalking its prey on the road to Alcudia, Mallorca was taken at dusk, which is a beautiful time to take photographs because of the many colours and contrast in those colours as the Sun goes down in the evening.

So never forget your cameras and technology for photography can be used at anytime of day and night, so always be alert to the photograph you might snap in seconds, which will last a lifetime through your various social media sites, including Vocal.

Sunset in Mallorca

A Santa Ponsa Sunset

From storms to beautiful sunsets, Mallorca, Spain has them all, and if you ever get the chance to visit it for more than a few weeks, then the longer you can stay, the more beauty you will find north, south, east and west on the island, so get away from the tourist hot spots and explore the inner beauty of the Island of Mallorca, Spain, for I tell you this, "You will not be disappointed."

Cala San Vincente

A Big Wave from Nature

I waited for this beauty of a wave in Cala San Vincente Bay, Mallorca, Spain for over three hours on a wet stormy autumn day, and captured this amazing photograph on my Sony Disc Camera, which is so fast at taking photographs, and when I bought it, it cost around four hundred euros, but you can now buy them for as little as £40 now.

My Sony Disc Camera can also zoom in 2000x, which is amazing for such a small camera, and when you zoom into the the moon, her craters are as clear as day and night.

Look at the size of the above wave compared to the people and cars watching the stormy seas, and out of 7.6 bn earthly human beings upon Earth today in 2018, I am the only earthly human being who took this photograph, which is amazing when you think about it.

As always, if you could leave a tip towards me achieving my goal of becoming a professional author and to further my photographic projects, I would be eternally grateful, and to those who have already tipped me and read my stories and posts, I thank you so much.

Best Wishes:


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