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Passion Fruit

The fruit is in the story.

To an obsession to be healthy, create, and capture the soul of the moment.

My name is Krenar. I am a 25-year-old Aries male. As you can tell from my picture, I am a photographer. I wasn’t always though. It had found me in my darkest moment. Before having a passion for anything I was a lifeless zombie 🧟‍♂️ constantly working for who knows what reason. I worked and worked and worked countless jobs for a reason I can’t even begin to explain; maybe there was no reason, maybe I was just working because it was what I was supposed to do from societies standpoint. I had worked over 25 to 30 different jobs from the age of 16 until now, at 25. It is a considerable amount of moving around. I was trying to look for a place to set my feet down permanently, but just felt so out of place. The reason for this was the fruit I would find later in my journey of growth. To say who I am is a dreamer and an optimist. I try to look for unknowingly talented individuals and encourage them with the best of my energy to get them moving to where I know they will be. I got lost at some point in my life, add a few more wrong turns, and finally, I am here writing to you. So, the worst moment of my life—and I’m sure that it was for many of you as well—is when you find out what that wall is that’s hurting you and blocking you from your final goal, destination, finish line, etc. Mine was battling myself and fighting the fact that I was a spectator and observer. Rather than accepting this at an early age, instead I rebelled against our more intelligent intuition (gut feeling) to have more experience in my own personal development, which so heavily weighted on my being. I am grateful for all I have gone through, but as we all wish for, less heartache would be better. I had lost everything I had built multiple times. Four to be exact. My car, girlfriend, social life, job/career, and another piece of my soul withered away from each experience. I had felt as if my soul was being withered away from my existence.

So, at the end of all this heart-gutting growth, I had found myself in my darkest place. Next to suicide. I felt like everything was for not. I had gotten a call from a close friend of mine who ended up introducing me to the fruit. The passion fruit ended up being photography. As if you didn’t guess that, right? It saved my life and has now become the sole of my shoes. You can check out my friend on Instagram @spokenwithoutwords. His videos are absolutely perfect. Try, try, and keep trying. In saying that, accept what you are. I am a... spectator, observer, dreamer, optimist. My passion is the fruit I bare with photography. The captured soul of that moment to live into forever until the end of existence. I hope you enjoyed the short story of my life. I also hope you have taken something from this! Feel free to check out my page as well on Instagram @krnrxvisuals and feel free to send me a message, telling me the stories you have and what you’ve gone through. I’d love to hear more from all the beautiful people out there. The world would be nothing without you!

Have a great time! 👊😬

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Passion Fruit
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