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On a Day Off

Making Memories

This morning, finally a day off! You still have to get up, but after bringing the children to school, I will be able to enjoy this autumn day. Seeing the sun and the autumnal heat (which is not very present but pleasant) I went to the Mount St. Eustache. This place was unknown to me today, but I am pleasantly surprised to discover this little piece of nature in the heart of the city of Saint-Eustache, a city in the northern suburbs of Montreal. I joined my colleague and friend Audrey for an outdoor portrait photo session. if you have never been there I recommend it. St. Eustache is a city on the edge of the Milles-Iles River. Surrounded by park such as Oka park, old buildings, pedestrian streets and Super Burger! This is the family restaurant of my beautiful Audrey who celebrated his one year! A detour that is worth it if you are in love with burger and super heroes. The children will be delighted by the decor and you by the portions! But back on topic…

in addition to being the makeup artist, (here is the link for the curious she is also very often my model for my photo projects. Always ready for a photo session on the spot. for this photo session she realized her pretty glamorous makeup with warm colors.

So we chose to do an autumn session among the autumn leaves, the forest and the mountain. It is not easy when there is a lot of sun and a windy sky because, with the ground that was covered with yellow maple leaves that reflected the rays, the whole thing was constantly modifying the ambient light. but with my model ultra patient I could take the time to adjust my exposure to optimize the final photo. You will tell me what you think. I had to play constantly with my aperture and shutter speed in order to have a good exposure to the face without losing the details of the background. Sometimes I had to sacrifice the scenery to better see her face. I will still have to see if I can adjust my final photo with lightroom.

I also wanted to experience for the first time a very wide angle lens. Not too pleased with the results with the latter. I think the session type did not quite fit. That's why I'll tell you more about it another time. I'll show you a single photo so you can get a glimpse of what it can do, but I intend to offer an article entirely devoted to it once I can master it.

Otherwise, the session is largely done with my 50mm 1.4 barrel. Ideal to get the details of the eyes and play with a small depth of field. In addition, this lens is very bright, perfect for my changing light.

I would love to have your comments and if you like my photography work, I will continue to present my various photo projects. Audrey is a model with whom I love to practice because in addition to being very pretty, she is comfortable in front of the camera. we have learned to know each other in the last few years. I find it important to have a muse, someone to tell and who understands our ideas our inspirations. I will have many more projects to present to you, with Audrey but also with other inspirations. I have the taste to develop more and more my capacities whether for pleasure or work. It is very important for me to never stop shooting...

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On a Day Off
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