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My Passion

Being a Portrait Photographer

One of my greatest passions is portrait photography. So many people don't know they're photogenic. I think that everyone can be good-looking on a picture, just need to take the time and let yourself be loved by the camera.

With my job as a photographer I have had the chance to do many photo sessions and my greatest pleasure is to see the happiness in the eyes of these ordinary models who feel extraordinary at the view of my photo. I like to make portraits simple, unpretentious, but at the same time majestic and full of feelings. I like the spontaneous face of the child, once the embarrassment aside lets us glimpse his naivety and innocence. The woman convinced that she can never have beautiful images to offer, but once she dares, she dazzles herself because she underestimated her beauty and seductive power.

I like the portrait.

The face made up, disguised, spontaneous, modified, adjusted or totally naked, the portrait has something magical about it and to succeed you must above all be able to listen with your eyes! The analysis is done in several steps. Yes, you have to know how to create the right lighting, make the right framing, notice the crooked hair quilts, decide what is good for the photo you are looking for. But it is also necessary to observe the subject. Observe and listen to your body language. Feel comfortable and comfortable. If he is not well, he will never be able to offer a piece of his true personality, or even manage to play a convincing character. You have to give him the floor, guide him quietly towards what we want to achieve as a photo.

The more successful the final photo, before retouching, the more majestic the result will be. Do not neglect the details when thinking that photoshop will be there to save the situation anyway.

I like to determine my framing as soon as the shot is taken so I don't have to reframe. My emotion and vision of the moment passes through framing, light and the angle of view. If my subject does not watch me and is framed to the left, it is because it was the way I wanted it to be. Spontaneity, in my case, has no place in technology. The magic of the moment comes once everything else is controlled. Strange to say, isn't it?! However, that's how I like to manage my photo sessions. I prepare the place, install the lighting, test the type of light that everything will give me, with the background, the set (whatever I am of the minimalist type, the less set there is the more I like) and then I have fun with my subject. It is easier to direct him when all I have to do is manipulate him in a controlled environment.

You can see it by yourself, the portrait is infinite! So many ways to represent the human being. As much as he can live with emotion!

I prefer the adult portrait. This last one allows me to push the discovery further. I think the portrait goes beyond the face. The portrait can be framed from head to toe because each individual defines himself by his face, body, soul, personality and gestures. The body wrapped in sumptuous clothes, or completely naked. The portrait takes on its full meaning when it goes beyond the simple representation of the individual. My biggest challenge is to get the personality through the image. May those who know my model be able to recognize him only by looking at the pictures soul.

The stare. The key element of the portrait. The sharpness of the look plays a major role in the final photo. Whether it is a short focal length, a high depth of field, a low light or a sunny sky, the gaze must take a major place in the image. He doesn't need to fix the lens, he doesn't need to be open-eyed.... The gaze is the direct gateway to the emotion sought. If my subject looks at me coldly, I would like his eyes to be breathtakingly clear. If, on the other hand, my subject is sad or thinking, his gaze will be able to observe me for the time it takes to take the picture without revealing itself completely, thus taking a little out of my focus.

There is so much opportunity for anyone who wants to explore the portrait.

If you are passionate about portrait photography, continue until you find your vision, your way of seeing the being that lends itself to the game, so that your own personality, your own vision, your own photographic signature will take control of your achievements.

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Caroline Brazeau
Caroline Brazeau

I live in Montreal, this metropolis city of the province of Quebec. I live there and I came to the world. I am a photographer and in less than a year, my family and I will leave for a year traveling in the Americas

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