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My BFF and I Did the Hobby Lobby Challenge

What is the Hobby Lobby challenge?

Photo by Mary Adams, Edited by Caitie Perry

The Hobby Lobby challenge was created essentially by teens who go to craft stores such as Hobby Lobby and try and take creative pics that can be mistaken for professional shots. When I found this challenge I wasn't expecting to get any okay shots; however, Mary and I got tons of awesome photos! Keep reading to find the link to view the photos, read how we did them, and how we felt about the whole process.

When I told Mary about it and suggested she look at the hashtag photos, she was all in. We mostly took shots of me, but I managed to talk her into a few of herself as well! We went to several aisles to take these photos and I am extremely impressed at how they turned out and am hype to share this experience with you.

First, we went to the floral aisle, it was interesting, but we managed. Luckily to our advantage, I was dressed semi-formally floral, giving an authentic vibe to the pictures we got in these particular aisles. Honestly, all I had to do to get it perfect was to get on my knees and stay straight while also leaning into the flower bundles.

We then found a vine aisle and immediately took advantage! I had to step into the aisle holder thing (unsure what it's called) to get it right. In one photo of this encounter, I am spreading the vine leaves out as if I am stepping out of an all exclusive club/cave, or something of that sort. This, particularly, was my favorite section to add.

Another aisle we went down contained a podium, and that was the most embarrassing part of this challenge, mostly because I was nervous and looked as if I was trying to not get caught, but making it obvious I wasn't. You can tell in the photo that this one was not my idea. Thankfully, the podium wasn't hard to move.

We also found a section in Hobby Lobby that had wallpaper-like rolls. I decided to use one in the middle height and rolled it down enough to make an elegant backdrop. I honestly feel like this is the background paper most YouTubers have. I may invest in one soon.

Not only did we make use of the wallpaper section, but we found some glitter paper (that had a strange smell) and Mary was like, How do you feel about laying on the floor? I didn't mind so I was like, sure. We placed quite a bit squares of this paper down and I laid on my stomach in a daydream pose, I gotta say that was the silliest thing I've ever done, but I did it for the 'gram.

Lastly, I wanted to share that the decorations and cups up near the front make great props. She caught a photo of me balancing a cactus on my head, so that was fun. I also fake sipped out of a cup with the letter C on it—C for my name, Caitie. I now wish I had bought that cup.

Overall, I suggest that if you and your friends are ever bored, just go to your local craft stores, such as Hobby Lobby or Micheals, and snap some pictures! It was so fun not only being a model, but also spending time with my best friend. This experience was warm and brought me and my best friend even closer! I don't regret taking part in this challenge with my bestie at all, and I don't think you would either!

To view the shots we captured please visit my blog post and/or my Instagram!

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My BFF and I Did the Hobby Lobby Challenge
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