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Most Famous Concert Photographers of All Time

Some of the most famous concert photographers of all time have made their name by capturing live musicians such as Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi, and Justin Bieber. Here's our list of some of the best artists today.

Some of the most famous concert photographers of our time have made their name by capturing portraits of great musicians; such as, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and David Bowie among plenty of others. Music photography requires a different kind of skill. Being in the middle of a concert and homing in on the artist, while also capturing the energy around them is not something all music photographers are able to do successfully. However, concert photographers have taken the time to perfect this craft. Each photographer’s work has something unique to it. Here are some of the most famous concert photographers in the game and what makes them special.

Leo Matus

Leo Matus is one of the most famous concert photographers who specializes in shooting both DJs and live musicians. He is a music photographer that works exclusively under his company name called KULT. Most of his photographs are taken of musicians close up, and they are usually shot in black and white or with very little color. Some of Leo’s recent subjects in his work have included artists such as Boys Noize, RESET!, and Ballerina Black.

Timothy Hiatt

Timothy Hiatt is undoubtedly one of the most famous concert photographers of our time. He has shot many of the most famous musicians of our time in concert such as Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga, Florence and the Machine, and more. His portfolio is always growing, and his music photography is excellent. Each photo he captures is well lit, well saturated, and brings to life an epic moment. He has truly figured out the best camera angle techniques for shooting portraits and concerts.

Charles Bergquist

Charles Bergquist is a great music photographer, even though music photography is not his main genre of work. He continues to take beautiful photos of musicians in concert that have a vintage look and a unique aesthetic to them because of the way he manipulates the light. We appreciate that Bergquist keeps music photography in his portfolio while exploring other genres of photography because it gives us certainty that he has mastered these composition techniques that will improve your photography.

Jonathan Mannion

Jonathan Mannion has a rightful place on the list of the most famous concert photographers. He is legendary in the world of hip hop photography, and he is also known for his editorial, portrait, and advertising photography work as well. His photography captures the soul of the hip hop genre, and we applaud him on being able to do what he does with so much fervor. Mannion has made his name in the game, and he isn’t going anywhere.

Kyle Gustafson

Kyle Gustafson is a great music photographer. He has a talent for capturing live music and making the observer feel like they are truly in the moment. He’s taken photos of some of the biggest bands out there such as Coldplay and Radiohead, has shot concerts in the capitol of the United States, and has work that is widely known by all artists and concert photographers in the business.

Mike Lerner

Mike Lerner is one of the most famous concert photographers because he is Justin Bieber’s concert photographer. Lerner has risen to fame with the pop singer and made his name reputable in the past two years through his live photography shots, which capture concerts of hundreds of thousands of screaming fans. Being able to capture these live moments and put such a lively experience into one single frame is a talent that not many music photographers are able to do. Lerner has perfected the craft, which is why Bieber has kept him close by as his career has continued to flourish.

Todd Owyoung

Todd Owyoung photographs rock shows, and he photographs them well. He claims to go to multiple shows a week to build his portfolio and get the best shots possible. It takes a lot of energy to be a music photographer, with shows running late and being full of crowds, loud music, etc. Owyoung is a hustler and cares about his craft. His photos have appeared in Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, and more. He is not a photographer that goes unnoticed.


RUKES is not so much a concert photographer as he is a DJ photographer; but technically, he is both. RUKES has attended and photographed some of the biggest festivals and rave concerts around. These parties feature today’s most relevant DJs such as Skrillex, Avicii, Kaskade, Afrojack, and more. Wherever the party is, RUKES is sure to be nearby, capturing the moment through his lens.


Nabil Elderkin is a music photographer and a video director, but he makes the list for one of the best concert photographers because his shots of legends such as Frank Ocean and Kanye West are epic. Even if he were to take the directing out of his job title, his concert photographs would keep him famous because he has a great eye and artistic talent behind the camera that those still trying to figure out how to be a famous photographer don't have yet.

Alex Reside

Alex Reside has a rightful place on the list of the most famous concert photographers of all time, as he has photographed so many of the big names in music. On his list of artists, just to name a few, are legends such as Bon Iver, T.I., Daft Punk, Kid Cudi, and so many more. Reside is truly one of the greats, and he makes it look so easy. This artist’s work is something that other photographers work hard to try and compete with.

All the concert photographers on this list are amazing artists that have talent behind the camera. They know how to capture a live moment in time and make people feel it in a picture. This is something special that others cannot do. Each photographer puts their own unique aesthetic into their photos as well, which is why different musicians prefer each photographer for a specific reason. We are thankful for this form of art and the memories we can prolong because of their dedicated work. Keep doing your thing out there!

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Most Famous Concert Photographers of All Time
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