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Meet Youcan's BW Space Underwater Drone: The Submersible Drone with a 4K UHD Camera

Take your photography to new depths with the BW Space Drone.

The perfect shot.

It's that elusive goal that every photographer chases every single time they go out to shoot. It's a shot that makes people go "WOW!" The perfect shot is one that is magical, surreal, and, to a point, almost too perfectly composed. 

Among photographers, seeing great shots is something that inspires them to better themselves. Photographers, after all, love to recreate greatness whenever they can. That being said, the right gear can have veteran photographers wondering how you got that shot.

The Youcan BW Space Underwater Drone can be the secret weapon you need in order to take photography to the next level. Here's why this cutting edge tech is a photographer's best friend.

Gear is everything in today's photography scene, especially if you want to have travel shots.

Photography is an artform that requires a lot of gear to actually work out well. You can't just grab a camera and hope for the best. You need a quality camera, the right lighting, and possibly some help standing the camera in the right position to get the right shots.

Lighting can be improved by doing things at the right time of day, but as far as other equipment goes, you really are going to have to do better. You can't shoot high art without a high quality camera.

Nowhere is camera gear more important than travel photography. With travel photography, you need to capture the exotic elements of the world around you—from the sandy coastal beaches to underwater life. 

A regular camera just doesn't do the more exotic parts of the world justice. That's why the Youcan BW Space Drone is such an amazing piece of equipment.

The Youcan BW Space Drone isn't just a regular piece of drone photography equipment.

Regular drone photography will allow you to shoot from a much higher angle than any typical camera could reach. The Youcan BW Space Drone isn't a drone meant for air travel; it's designed to help you get amazing shots of underwater activity.

Most drones come equipped with HD cameras, too. With the Youcan Space Drone, you don't just get a typical 1080 pixel camera; you get ultra-high definition 4K video.

It's the world's first underwater tracking drone.

When most people think about drone photography, they think of seeing amazing air shots that look like they've been taken from a plane. Drones are no longer left for air travel alone, thanks to the Youcan BW. 

The Youcan BW is the only drone in the world that has the technology necessary to track divers as they swim through the ocean, and also has specialized lighting technology that changes with the surrounding light conditions.

Expect crisp, clear photos with less effort than ever before.

The specs on the Youcan BW Space Drone speak for themselves when it comes to the clarity and quality of the shots it can take. The BW boasts a 1/1.7 inch image sensor, 4.45mm focus length and an F1.4 aperture—in other words, it's similar to a high-end DSLR.

Lighting isn't an issue thanks to its smart lighting adjust tech. The aperture opens and closes based on the surrounding ambient lighting, which means that every shot will be taken at the best possible setting imaginable.

It's a 4K camera that is specifically developed to track underwater adventures. Any photographer who wants to show the exotic wildlife of the Great Barrier Reef or take shots of their friends swimming with sharks will love this.

If you need a little light shed on the subject, the BW Space Drone can still help out.

Nighttime diving can lead to some amazing sights, but it can be difficult to see them if you don't have enough lighting. Deeper diving experiences have similar struggles—great creatures, not enough natural light for a photograph.

Rather than leave your exploits to imagination, the Youcan BW Space Drone can record those trips underwater, thanks to its built in lighting setup. The lights carry 1380 Lumens a pop, and there are two of them built in.

Tracking tech makes it possible for your drone to tag along with divers.

A common concern of people who have underwater photography gear is keeping pace with divers. Swimming through the seas takes effort, and that can cause lags in shooting time.

The engineers behind the Youcan were aware of this issue and created a solution for it. The drone is equipped with three powerful propellers that give it a maximum speed of 1.5 meters per second—faster than many creatures of the sea.

It's not bulky, either.

If there's one thing that people hate doing, it's hauling bulky equipment on and off boats. Depending on how bulky the equipment is, it can impede your boat's ability to stay afloat.

The Youcan BW Underwater Space Drone is a little different than most. It's small enough to be held with both hands, and light enough to be carried by a young adult.

Ready to tether!

Another major concern is the possibility of having camera equipment get lost at sea. Animals have been known to attack things they don't recognize, and once in a while, errant rocks can hit the drone.

Tethering your equipment is vital to keeping them safe, which is why this drone comes equipped with high durability tethers. The Youcan BW comes equipped with three different tether lengths, the longest being 150 meters long.

Take great photos and videos, no swimming skill required.

Believe it or not, you don't need to be a professional diver to get great shots with the Youcan BW. The drone can be controlled via an app that streams live footage to your phone.

You can turn on modes that help the cameras focus on faces or sea life, steer your drone via a Bluetooth controller, or share the exploits that your diving friends love.

Explore a new world with your photography skills.

It's no secret that underwater photography has become the "final frontier" for many photographers. Underwater cameras are notoriously fickle, and at times, can be difficult to work with due to lighting deficiencies.

The Youcan BW is the only drone to take the guesswork out of sea photography, and currently remains one of the most desired pieces of equipment for exotic locations on the market. With Youcan, you can do anything.

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Meet Youcan's BW Space Underwater Drone: The Submersible Drone with a 4K UHD Camera
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