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Caitie Perrya day ago
My BFF and I Did the Hobby Lobby Challenge
The Hobby Lobby challenge was created essentially by teens who go to craft stores such as Hobby Lobby and try and take creative pics that can be mistaken for professional shots. When I found this chal...
Mostafij Tuhin2 days ago
How to Find Your Photography Niche
There is a rumor that we have to be experts in all types of genres when it comes to photography. Ultimately, photography means painting with light. It’s not obvious that we have to be experts in all genres such as newborn photography, weddings, astrophotography, family portraits, landscape photography, and food photography. Light is light. No matter what kind of style you follow. In a nutshell, you just don’t have to master it all. But you have to find your photography niche for sure. Let me walk you through a guideline to find your photography niche. So, let’s get started.
A Step-by-Step Guide to Online Photo Storage
Photographs are an important part of life. They keep us connected to our roots, cement events in our memories, and help us feel like we’re part of something bigger than ourselves. In fact, as professo...
Sarah Trmmr9 days ago
Photography Basics
Oh no, why is my picture shaking? And why is it all black? And where does that grain come from? If you already wondered about one of the things above, you’re completely right here. Questions like thes...
Harrison Galgut11 days ago
Portrait Problems
Posing someone is only one part of portraits, as are the camera settings. These two get all the attention, and they don't really deserve it. What is more important is understanding what you are taking...
Natalie Ige11 days ago
Here Are Some Tips that Are Bound to Make Your Drone Footage Increasingly Cinematic!
Flying a drone can be really overwhelming! And with all kinds of drone footage everywhere, how can you make your own footage stand out? There are various reasons that could make shooting footage on yo...
Josh Mathews13 days ago
How to Paint with Light
If you're like me, you've dabbled in photography at an amateur level before. It's quite possible you may have heard about light painting. Despite gaining popularity in recent years light painting has ...
Sean Reis16 days ago
The 10 Best Tools for Editing Photos
Photography, as an art form, has seen many evolutions over the years. Far from the days of splicing film reels together, we've now entered an era of photo editing with such advanced tools that the pos...
Harrison Galgut18 days ago
Phones At Parties: Gift or Curse?
I am going to start by saying this article isn't about the actual ways you should or shouldn't frame a photo, but instead about the abstract idea of language. Mobile phones have become quite a gift to...