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Kyle luke5 days ago
5 Challenges that Beginner Photographers Face
Every pro was a beginner at some point. As a photographer, I faced many challenges as a beginner. Here are some tips to overcome these challenges.
Eddie Wong6 days ago
The 4 Best Subscription Printing Services for Photographers
It’s fair to say that the digital revolution in photography well and truly arrived a long time ago, and has since transformed an art form in wonderful ways. Instead of waiting days, weeks, or even mon...
Matthew Godley8 days ago
Photos I Enjoyed Taking
All photos shown were taken on a Canon EOS 750D. The photo above is just one of many that I captured over the last year. Starting to use my camera more, it has been vital to explore its capabilities t...
Skunk Uzeki13 days ago
The 10 Best Places for Street Photography in New York City
I truly believe that New York is the greatest city in the world—but then again, I may be a little biased. I've spent most of my 20s in town, taking in all the beautiful scenes of the area with my frie...
10 Ways to Take Great Pictures at Night
Nighttime is my time. It's when I come alive. It's when I can go out at night without worry that my aversion to the sun and the people that walk in it will force me back into my home. It's a time when...
Iggy Paulsen18 days ago
10 Instagram Photo Editing Apps You Need to Use
Instagram is one of the hottest social media platforms today, and it's kicked off a pretty intense competition to see who can have the most glamorous Instagram account. With more people than ever befo...
Lillian Payne20 days ago
How to Push Your Pain onto Someone Else
I've always been told I'm weird, ever since elementary school. I'd get bullied for it, but I didn't understand why. Now I do, and I've decided to embrace it. I guess it's a lot more acceptable in adul...
Eada Hudes20 days ago
7 Essentials That Every Photographer Should Look Out for and Have
Let’s face it, there is truly an oversaturation of photography when it comes to the world today. Pretty much anyone and everyone out there is picking up a camera and claiming to be a photographer. Suc...
Victor Trammell20 days ago
Meet Jamie Nicole Brown: A Real Southern Socialite and Predominant "Modelpreneur"
For some people, opportunity doesn't come knocking at the door to save you from a burning house when the chips are down. To a chosen few, opportunity comes as factory equipment ingrained in their DNA ...