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Jack Lloyd3 days ago
Master Gig Photography with These Eight Top Tips
The tricky thing about gig photography is that every night is going to be different. The crowd, the lighting, the venue, all these aspects play a huge part when it comes to gig photography, and you ne...
Tom Sharp4 days ago
How to Start Earning Money as a Photographer
Ways For The Aspiring Photographer to Make Money
Tony Murtagh4 days ago
Rules of Composition
With the advent of the mobile phone and tablet, everyone seems to be taking photographs; and for many people, all they want is a record of a holiday, family events, or a special moment in their lives ...
David Romanis5 days ago
More than Just a Camera
For the last few years of the Seventies after leaving the Royal Air Force, my Dad took a job that meant he had to spent a decent amount of time in the US. His jobs over the years took him all over the...
Kay Tetz6 days ago
How Photography Can Change the World
Many of my friends and family members stand in awe of the photographs I take. In this series of stories, I will explain to you just how to take the perfect photo. The first tip is that you do not need...
Craig House6 days ago
Professional Tips for the Perfect Pics
Whether you want to take to Discount promo codes to find some discounted professional equipment, just use your phone camera, or go old school with a disposable you can take your skills to the next level by following some of these professional top tips to getting that perfect photo every time.
Rachel Anderson7 days ago
Photography Print Portfolio
Hi guys. I recently graduated SNHU with a Bachelor's Degree in Art in Digital Photography. I wanted to share with you my journey creating my print portfolio. My online portfolio was pretty easy. You c...
David Romanis7 days ago
Ultimate Slow Photography: When No One Prints or Scans Specialist Negs
For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, the Sprocket Rocket from is a 35mm panoramic camera that exposes the entire width of the film, sprocket holes and all. The plastic lens has...
David Romanis10 days ago
Seeing the World with a Photographer’s Eye
I don’t know the exact date, but I remember the day on which I started seeing the world differently. Some people have near-death experiences, others have a monumental epiphany. For me, it was when I g...