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How to Take Amazing Pictures at Night

Photography Tips

You might think that night time is the worst time to take pictures. However, this isn't true. Noon is actually the worst time to take photos because there aren't any shadows. (There is also a higher risk of sunburn.) However, with that said, there are exceptions to the rule. Underwater photography is best at noon! Plus, an outdoor milk bath photo shoot would probably be great at noon.

With all that said, nighttime Photography is an amazing thing! I don't want new photographers to think that you can't shoot at night... because that's where the real magic happens! Especially if you don't have your own light proof studio.

Find light.

It doesn't matter how expensive your camera is. Low light settings won't make a good quality photo and, no, you can't photoshop a photo like that better.

Since it's night time, you might have to increase the ISO more than is ideal... just please don't try to push it too far.

Creative Lighting

Nighttime is a perfect opportunity to try some creative lighting. My personal favourite has always been and always will be the cliche Christmas lights wrapped around a model. (Not in like a strangling way, he or she can just hold them.) With no other lights but the colourful ones they are holding, it can make a great photo of their face.

However, getting a board and cutting some holes in it is a great way to make something unique photos... especially if you cut out your logo.

Avoid using the flash on your camera!

If you really want to use the flash on your camera, you can get a mini softbox for it. Better yet, make your own DIY softbox with a blown up white balloon. It really makes all the difference in your photos.

If you do use flash... use a diffuser!

A diffuser is a great investment. Many people like soft light in photos instead of hard light because it doesn't show blemishes and wrinkles as much as hard light does.

If you can't afford one right now... well, you can actually make them pretty easily. One way is to simply use a semi-blown up a white balloon over your flash. I mean it looks kinda silly... but the photos look great!

High Contrast

Photo by Jenny Fisher

As long you make the depth of field a big enough, the background will get darker and darker until it is just black. It can be useful if the background isn't ideal. It also just makes a great contrast in the photo.

Long Exposure

Photo by Jenny Fisher

Nighttime is the perfect time for long exposure work. Just remember to use a wide-angle lens (if you have one) and make the aperture as small as possible.

All photos are used with the permission of the artist.

Thank you!

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