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First Time Photoshoot?

Want to take the plunge but something's stopping you? Read this article.

What to expect from a photoshoot experience - Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash

Have you ever dreamed of having a professional photoshoot? 

Ever wondered what it's like to have one photo—just one photo—where you're looking in the right direction, not pulling a weird face, standing up straight?

Ever looked at the prices of photoshoots and shied away at the expense?

You need to read this article.

The Shoot

Last Sunday I stepped a little nervously over the threshold of a studio, feeling as though I just wasn't glamorous enough to set foot inside.

I'd unexpectedly won an Instagram competition for a free shoot, so it had all happened in a whirlwind. I was booked in and standing on the doorstep clutching a case of clothes before I had time to get scared and back out.

"Before" - This is me before I stepped into the studio, looking pretty much as I usually do, having been too busy being mum to think about my appearance

I needn't have worried. The welcome couldn't have been warmer, and I was soon ensconced in a comfy chair with a delicious cup of coffee and flicking through a big look book of the studio's work.

The portfolio contained not only "clients" final images, but also a section of "before and after" shots, so I was completely reassured that they could take any woman (or man!) and show their most beautiful side.

Flicking through the studio portfolio was reassuring, relaxing and inspirational

Sitting in the makeup chair a few minutes later, the makeup artist asked me what kind of look I'd like to achieve. I'll be the first to admit that I'm pretty clueless about makeup, but she was kind and friendly, and happy to talk through the options and make recommendations. She even gave me some tips on applying winged eyeliner, a look that I love but always struggle to accomplish.

I said I was a little clueless about makeup. Well, I'm really clueless about the wispy nest on my head that some people generously call hair. But of course, all it took was a professional and a pair of straighteners and soon the hair stylist had achieved lovely natural-looking curls (yes, that's curls with a set of straighteners—who knew?!). And for once my hair had volume, body and style.

A quick selfie between makeover and shoot. At this moment I vowed to wear makeup everyday (it hasn't happened yet)

Finally, I was handed over to the photographer. Finding that my photographer was male almost brought back my nerves, but he was relaxed and funny and put me completely at ease. Of course, I realised, a photographer has to be a people person to get the best from their client.

The photographer demonstrated how to stand, where to put my hands, and how to look at the camera. Within moments I felt confident and completely natural. For once I wasn't standing awkwardly. For once my smile wasn't frozen and unnatural. I felt good, and I knew I looked good even before seeing the photos myself. I found that hearing the words "beautiful, beautiful" murmured in my direction really helped with the self-confidence too!

The images were edited while I waited, and it only took about 20 minutes before I was given a private viewing of my photos by one of the studio team. She didn't hurry me to make up my mind quickly, and there was no pressure to buy at all.

Hat-itude. My final outfit choice. By this time I've had a lesson in how to stand and look at the camera

The Results

I won't lie to you, the images did seem expensive, but I chose digital files rather than prints so that I had plenty of options to use them in future. It's definitely a spend that I don't regret, and an experience that I'd recommend.

What to see the final result? Take a look at my profile picture.

A Final Tip...

Go and spend the rest of your day somewhere that you can enjoy having gorgeous hair and makeup.

Get out there: Make the most of professional beauty and show it off for the rest of the day

Convinced? Get Googling for your nearest photographic studio and book in now.

Like what you read? If you enjoyed seeing my journey from average to amazing, then add a tip below.

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First Time Photoshoot?
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