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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sat, Dec 15, 2012

Standing in a crowd of strangers, it's one of the most lonely feelings. Every passing moment brings new faces, voices, and chaos. Conversations begin to jumble together into one indistinct clutter of noise. This noise is what fuels the wall between you and the crowd. The crowd is comprised of many other groups and pairs. Groups of associates uniformed together to accompany each other in unison. Pairs of acquaintances traversing the grounds as a team. Individuals looking for a way to where they believe they belong, and what they believe is the ultimate outcome out of their choices. Yet, none present any connection to the individual being (at this particular moment) that is you, you who stand amongst the many.

...Sometimes it's easier to stay silent than to fight against the anguish. It might be hard to admit your loneliness in the moment, but one must persevere. If to fight back is to take no action, than that result must be followed through. Hold your tongue, and remember that your future is constructed through your own actions.

Holding a tighter grip on the camera, you begin to lift the lens up to eye level. In an instant, a shot is taken in the cold. You begin to examine the image through the screen presented on the camera. It's beautiful. How could such a moment of loneliness present such a beautiful scene, the beautiful complexion of the world. It is, perhaps, that the photo reflects the happiness that is contained within all others and not from the eye of the beholder.  

It's time to go, the mission was completed. The satisfaction of doing a job well done subsides all other diminishing thoughts. One foot in front of the other is all it takes to start moving forward, through the crowd. No longer just a crowd, a collective group of aspiring talents that made history through one simple photograph. Captured in the moment, preserved in the shot, admired by a whole new set of passersby. 

What once was a possibility is now history, the history of the festival watched over by the moon. A night full of lights, danger, but most importantly, loneliness. A loud night full of many people, lots of noise, and yet just yourself, you who stands in the crowd. Equipped with camera in hand, an observer of many with only themselves. What more importance could any other possess?

It's now later than late, and the many are now few. Dispersed within the vast world which is ours, those who were there are not. A continuous system of traveling to and from. Why waste such a moment on sight alone. That is the purpose of the camera, is it not? Why waste such a tool of convenience over debate and belief? Hold true to the power of capture and it will not forsake you. Remember that one cannot cherish without first taking action. Keep the dream alive. 

The lights begin to shut left and right. The electricity burning through the light bulbs has been whipped away. It's those illuminated smiles and faces that disappeared into the dark. The dark is only another form of the day without the light. One can equally be as lonely under the sun as under the moon. When all seems through and done, we reach the conclusion of the festival. No one in sight, no sound to be heard.

It was fun while it lasted, another great occasion for others. It's growing colder, but something seems different all of a sudden. A picture is taken, it is pitch black. Not so lonely after all, are we now?