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Desktop Inspiration

Admiration of the nature of things

Desktop Inspiration

As per many of my inspirations, they seem to ignite while hard at work behind my computer. So it should come to no surprise that “Desktop Inspiration” is another such writing. I have two computers at my desk, a work horse that captures my emails, calendar of events, and everything work-related, and of course my inspirational rantings. the other computer is solely for scheduling my work force. It is this computer to which this writing comes into fruition. Often the computer will sit idle, and return to the random desktop images that Windows OS 10 offers, and at present I have the images on the nature's path imagery that is, every so often, updated, selected through Microsoft’s vast library of beautiful landscape photography. Seeing that I have been trigger happy this summer, taking my own photographs, I’ve adopted Windows Desktop images display and added my own photos to the mix, and have even been able to incorporate my own inspirational verbiage to the screen pictures.

Picture this

Desktop Inspiration

Picture this, it’s the end of June, the sun is bright and hot, with a slight cool breeze and an over cast of puffy white gray clouds, you're standing at a dock in the heart of Algonquin’s east and you capture this photo. If this Desktop Inspiration doesn’t add saliva to your mouth, what about this one…

Gotta go, when you gotta go...

Desktop Inspiration

After a brisk canoe ride on that same end of June day in Algonquin, it was time to unwind at the cottage, having to hold it in for two hours on the water, it was time to relieve myself, but not before capturing this oddity of a tree whose trunk had split into two, to accommodate the massive boulder that stood in the way of its growth…

Depth of Field

Desktop Inspiration

As is in this photo. Depth of field can really bring the benign to bedazzling. Just a withered dried weed blowing in the cool winter air of the time this photo was captured. The starkness gives it a sense of awe, doesn’t it?

Thorn in my side...

Desktop Inspiration

It's dead hot, no wind, water is bloomed with algae, fish aren’t biting, and I’m beginning to tire from the day. The mass of these branches stemmed from a huge growth of thorns at the side of this stream, choking off parts of the natural curves of the water way. Bound and determined to capture a photo of any kind, I found this, as I practically fell into this twine…

Whisper in the wind

Desktop Inspiration

I was hungry. It was time to paddle in and dock for the day, taking a breath and swiping at my brow to catch the sweat, this photo presented itself as if it whispered to me.

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Desktop Inspiration
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