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Creative Mediums to Print Your Photos On

Want to show off your best photos, but not through paper? These are the most creative mediums to print your photos on!

Paper isn't the only thing that you can print your photos on. There is a wide variety of surfaces and mediums where you can show off your best photos on. When you print your photos on paper, the only thing you can do with it is simply hanging it in a frame. And honestly, just how many paper photos can you hang around your house? Don't you want to print your photos on other cool objects to really make use of them?

In fact, there's a ton of places you can print your photo on. From pillows to glass, wood, and even lamp shades, your most favorite photos can now be showed off in the most unique ways. To gain some ideas, these are the best and most creative mediums to print your photos on!

Lamp Shades

Imagine turning on a lamp shade and seeing your photo light right up? Easily one of the more underrated mediums to print your photos on, lamp shades are always useful in the house. They're clearly designed to offer you light whenever you need it. And there are so many dull-looking lamp shades out there.

So, why not consider decking out a lamp shade by printing your favorite photo on it? Either a nature, portrait, or any other type of photo, there are multiple ways and styles to print your photo on a lamp shade. And the cool part is turning on the lamp and seeing your photo light right up. You can also cast a shadow of your photo across the room, depending on the type of lamp and print.


This is a popular choice among the creative mediums to print your photos on. Most of us have seen a piece of wood with either an artwork or a photo printed on it. And this is usually meant for displaying, but it's a more unique way of showing off you photo. Instead of a regular framed photo, this is a small wood canvas with your photo printed on it!

Either you want the photo to be glossy or matte on the wood, it's a creative way of displaying your photo. And many people like the idea of having their nature photo printed on wood to make it nature-themed as a whole.


Printing photos on pillows is definitely one of the best mediums to print your photos on. This is also a great DIY birthday gift to anyone! Pillows are used for so many things around the house. From sleeping on them to displaying them as decoration on couches, or even simply placing them on the dining chairs.

Wouldn't you want to cuddle with a stunning photo you proudly took? Or show it off by placing it on your living room couch for all guests to see? When it comes to being creative with where you're printing your photos on, you can never go wrong with pillows. 


A great DIY gift idea for dad—mugs! This is easily one of the more popular choices in mediums to print your photos on. Like pillows, mugs are also used for many things, believe it or not. Yes, they're certainly designed to drink anything out of, and possible use it to eat out of, too. However, you can also use mugs to place pretty flowers in! Or have them out as a decoration piece for your kitchen.

You can literally print any one of your photos on a mug. Many people put family photos on mugs to use as gifts or for their own enjoyment. There's an endless list of possibilities you can do with this idea, and it all depends on how you approach it with your creativity. 


Tabletops are also one of the mediums to print your photos on. Haven't you been to anywhere, like restaurants, that feature images on their tables? You can do the exact same, and possibly even better! The greatest way to show off your best nature photo or sunset photo is by printing it on a table surface.

Imagine eating every meal on a table that features your best photo of a waterfall? Guests will absolutely love your table and even ask you how you got it done. And the best way to fully secure your photo on the tabletop to avoid peeling or damage is by covering it with a sheet of glass or glossing over it.


Speaking of glass, you can certainly print your photos on glass, as well! Among the coolest mediums to print your photos on right now, glass will make your photos look gorgeous. Since they're mainly used as display, you can place this anywhere in your house. From actually hanging it to allowing it to sit up on the coffee table, printing on glass gives your photos a sparkling shine!

And it's also not that difficult to do. In fact, many people love this idea because it's simple and the results are breathtaking. You can print any type of photo you want and the glass surface will make your photo glisten!


Wouldn't you want to snuggle and cuddle in a blanket featuring a beautiful photo of a landscape that you previously took? From the best mediums to print your photos on, blankets are literally the best and you can't go wrong with it. You can lay out the blanket on your bed, couch, floor if you want, anywhere you want.

While this is also one of the best gifts you can give to anyone, this can be a gift to yourself, too! We all need blankets around the house, so why not customize your own to make it a more personal blanket?


Now this is an awesome room decoration idea, printing your photos to use as wallpaper! Many people look past this idea, because they believe it's too difficult to accomplish and time consuming. It may be time consuming, but patience makes perfect! Also, it's no where near difficult. You're simply printing parts of the wallpaper and putting it together on the wall.

Imagine walking into your room with a wall that shows your most stunning sunset photo. You'll easily be blown by the sight of it whenever you walk into your room. And there are endless possibilities of images you can use as your wallpaper, which makes this one of the best mediums to print your photos on.


Either you can do this on your own with the right machine or someone else can do it for you, you can certainly print your photo on cake! Yes, it won't last long, but it'll make whatever occasion a more special one. If you print a beautiful photo on a cake, no one would dare to ruin it. But we all know that cake is going to be devoured in seconds.

Anyways, this is usually done at bakeries, since they have the proper machine to transfer whatever photo onto the cake. Or you can get the machine yourself and do it right at home. Either way, for birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries, this is a great way to make the event more special.


Lastly from the unique mediums to print your photos on is an umbrella. Umbrellas are destined to be creativity designed into anything. Instead of buying an umbrella with a cool design, why not customize your umbrella by printing your photo on it?

Whenever you open up the umbrella, your photo will be exposed to your surroundings. And it also makes the umbrella more personal, since it features the photo that you proudly took! Plus, you can even take this umbrella out when shooting in the rain.

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Creative Mediums to Print Your Photos On
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