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Camera Backpacks

Backpacks on a Budget + Worth the Investment

Hi there! 

If you're an active photographer like I am, a backpack is an absolute must for your gear. From hiking, to riding around wedding venues in golf carts, I have found that any other form of bag is just not worth it. When my husband got his dream ONA messenger bag for almost $400, my first thoughts were, "Oh, cute." I definitely couldn't imagine him hiking around Yosemite in a messenger bag. Lolz. 

Anyways, after much research, I've compiled a list of the top bags that I'm comfortable sharing, and that are really worth the investment. Most of these will also hold more than just a camera body and lens. 

BTW. I personally despise waxed canvas bags. Last time I had one, I spilled some coconut oil all over it and bam... there went my 200 bucks. 

Ok, here goes my list of backpacks from most expensive to not:

Ona //The Camps Bay $499

Here's a beautiful ONA backpack, I didn't feel like my list could be complete without it! Again, I don't like wax canvas so I won't be buying this bag, but this is a great option for those who don't spill their coffee every single time. The interior dividers are completely removable and adjustable, making it easy to accommodate all of your gear. ONA is known to be overall a great quality brand, and speaks volumes in the photography community. 

Vinta // Travel Backpack Full Kit $245

This backpack is simply gorgeous. I never knew that I could have my breath taken away by a backpack, not until I saw this matte-black beauty. Vinta has completely waterproof zippers and coated twill, expandable side pockets to hold water bottles and also includes LIFETIME warranty! This bag is not only super fashionable, but is also great to take on a hike.

Brevite // THE RUCKSACK $165

This is my husbands dream (fave) bag. Drone and Audio equipment compatible, holds a ton more than just a body and lens, is light weight and includes a removable modular insert. It's not completely water proof, but comes with a rain cover and won't allow the water to seep through without it. Oh yea, lifetime warranty on this one as well! All in all, this backpack is perfect for hiking and for people who are on the go. 

Bagsmart // New York Camera Backpack $113

Here's a nice option that's available on both BAGSMART's website, as well as Prime shipping through Amazon! The awesome thing about this bag is that there are two separate compartments so you can keep your clothes and camera gear separate. This bag fits 3-6 lenses, includes a rain cover and has plenty of compartments for you laptop, phone, and anything else that you need. One thing to keep in mind, however,  is the fact that this bag is a bit large. It's really not a big deal, but if you have a petite frame and are under 5' 2" you may not like this option. Luckily, BAGSMART has a few other really great looking bags all around $100.

K & F Concept // $79.99

Another Amazon Prime option. This backpack has two separate compartments, a laptop compartment, is made from a waterproof and tear-proof material, and is also shockproof. This bag doesn't hold as much gear, just a camera body and two lenses, but is a great option for those looking for a bag for under $100!

Digiant// $69.99 - $89.99

Made from heavy use canvas material, this bag has an all five star rating. This company seems to really cares about quality and functionality, and take pride in their products. Depending on which size you choose, you can fit up to six lenses in this bag, a laptop, and also includes a rain cover (although the product summary does mention that the bag is waterproof so... ). Anyways, ergonomically made bags are a win, especially for the price.

GOgroove // $59.99

Okay, I have a love/hate relationship with this bag. I LOVE the size, design and feel to it, but dislike all of the color combos! They are kind of retro and fun, but I'm a matte-black type of girl. Super Casual. Besides the point though, the price point for this bag is AMAZING and even has an "Amazons Choice" rating.. which I think means people really like it. This bag comes with a laptop compartment, rain cover, the ability to take a strap off and make it a cross-body bag. The coolest thing? This bag includes a three year manufactures warranty. Not bad at all.

Kattee Waterproof Camera Insert Bag // $14.99

Last but not least, simply buying a Camera Bag insert may be the best way to go. If you already have that perfect bag that you're just obsessed with, then why buy another? You can literally buy any waterproof, shock-proof camera insert and add it to your favorite tote bag, backpack, etc. Heck, I did that for the first year after getting my camera! It's the cheapest way to go, and sometimes the best. Just keep in mind that you may not have that separate, top compartments that can be so handy at times. 

So there you have it. I hope that these backpacks, and brands, bring you the happiness that they have brought me! I think ultimately you just need to buy what works best for you. Sometimes, although you want that pretty VINTA bag for almost 300 bucks, it's just not a financially good decision. Especially when photography is your side-hustle and gear is costing you thousands of dollars already. I have surprisingly found SO MANY affordable, as well as functional camera backpacks on Amazon! I was honestly relieved to know that my pretty camera can be kept safe with a just as pretty camera backpack for much less than what I was willing to pay. 

Anyways, happy hunting friends! Hope you find what you're looking for. 


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Camera Backpacks
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