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Best Wildlife Photographers on Instagram to Follow

Inspired by the breathtaking photos of nature and the creatures within it? Check out the coolest and best wildlife photographers on Instagram to follow right now.

So many of us don't entirely appreciate the works of nature. From the diverse locations, tropical to dry, nature comes in a wide variety depending on the climates and parts of the world. But within nature lurks unbelievable creatures from different shapes, sizes, textures, colors, and even purposes. There isn't a single purpose when it comes to wildlife. There are preys and then there are predators. The world out there, out of our comfort zone, is a world of eat or get eaten. As barbaric as it sounds, that's the reality of it.

However, aside from the crazy reality of it all, since all animals are drastically diverse from each other, they still give off a distinct beauty. From mammals to reptiles and the ocean life, us humans are stunned by their approach in life. That's what wildlife photographers aim to capture, the beauty and the dark side to animals. Either you're an aspiring wildlife photographer who needs a bit more inspiration or if you're someone who's obsessed and appreciates the wildlife, these are the all-time best wildlife photographers on Instagram to follow right now.

Christian Ziegler

Christian Ziegler is a phenomenal wildlife, international photographer who’s well-known for specializing in natural history and other science-related topics. For someone who regularly contributes to the National Geographic Magazine, his work has also been featured in other publications. However, all of his photos tell a story. Engaging, colorful, and highly detailed, Christian truly enjoys sharing the beauty as well as the importance of nature.

While he’s worked in locations like tropical rainforests, Christian's Instagram is chock-full of all-things nature, from the exotic plants to the little and not-so-little animals roaming around those areas. And as a photographer, he focuses on capturing distinct details on plants and the colors on creatures. 

Follow Christian Ziegler: @christianziegler

Margot Raggett

Among the greatest wildlife photographers on Instagram out there, wildlife and travel photographer Margot Raggett has a taste for the African wildlife. Her social media is all about the big cats, elephants, and even the little creatures concealing themselves from the bigger predators. While she has an astonishing variety of photos on her Instagram, we can tell that she's a big fan of the cat family.

Checking out her account, Margot certainly has a talent for snapping shots of lions, cheetahs, and their cubs at the perfect moments, from the midst of fighting to the daring expressions on their faces. If you're a big cat lover yourself, I highly suggest checking out Margot!

Follow Margot Raggett: @margotraggettphotography

Jonathan and Angela Scott

Now this is what you call couple goals. Johnathan and Angela Scott are among the coolest wildlife photographers on Instagram to follow. As for award-winning wildlife photographers and authors, they made their name big when documenting the lives on lions, cheetahs, leopards, basically the big cat family in Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. The two record literally every aspect of their work, from the drawings to the photographs and even wildlife television programs. They’ve also won awards like the Overall Award in the prestigious Wildlife Photography of the Year Competition as individuals. Not to mention they’ve illustrated 34 books including their own The Big Cat Man: An Autobiography (Bradt) and Sacred Nature: Life’s Eternal Dance (HPH) that’s won the Gold Award for Photography in the prestigious Independent Publishers Book Awards in 2017.

As amazing as the two sound together, like a dynamic duo, their Instagram account is no different. With staggering wildlife photos coating their account, the two capture amazing photos of wildlife straight from Africa. Through action photos to simple family photos like a mother lion caring for her cub, Johnathan and Angela work as the perfect team when it come to showing the wildlife in diverse locations to their followers.

Follow Johnathan and Angela Scott: @thebigcatpeople

Audun Lie Dahl

Trained as a mechanic and electrician while living on the island Smøla on the Northwestern coast of Norway, Audun Lie Dahl is an amazing wildlife photographer who started his career back in 2010. He’s spent the majority of his life by nature on the island, constantly dealing with bad weather and rough conditions. For someone who grew up with nature, Audun has found a passion for it, and the only way for him to appreciate his surroundings more is by capturing it on camera.

He’s traveled in diverse destinations like Svalbard, Antartica, Africa, and Asia, and explored what it all has to offer. And his photos on Instagram are without a doubt mesmerizing. From the expressions on the animals faces to their texture and colors, Audun truly knows how to expose the beauty of wildlife to all viewers, which makes him one of the more fascinating wildlife photographers on Instagram.

Follow Audun Lie Dahl: @audundahl

Steve Winter

Talk about a major big cat lover. From the interesting wildlife photographers on Instagram to follow, Steve Winter is a true wildlife photographer who believes that being attacked by the animals is all part of his job! While he’s actually been attacked by rhinos in India, stalked by jaguars in Brazil, and chased by an 11-foot grizzly bear in Siberia, his photos are certainly worth risking his life. Of course, to a certain limit. But if you check out his Instagram, the account is filled with up-close images of gorgeous animals—especially the big cats.

We can tell that Steve is absorbed by the big cat family and has a talent for capturing their best moments. Aside from the animals, Steve also captures photos of culture. From the people to their surroundings, every wildlife photographer shouldn't forget about the humans who live so close and appreciate these animals. 

Follow Steve Winter: @stevewinterphoto

Richard Peters

UK based wildlife photographer Richard Peters is a great photographer who’s well-known for his photography compositions in dramatic natural lighting, textures, and colors within every animal he captures photos of. He’s actually named the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year along with winning multiple award in the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Other than regularly writing articles for the UK’s photographic press and exhibits for his work, Richard has a strong passion for shooting breathtaking photos of exotic creatures lurking on earth. If you see his work on his Instagram account, you'll immediately recognize his talent for using dramatic lighting. It's no wonder he's among the best wildlife photographers on Instagram to follow.

Follow Richard Peters: @richardpetersphoto

Brian Skerry

Brian Skerry is a world-famous photojournalist who mainly specializes in marine wildlife and other underwater environments. Ever since 1998, he’s been a contract photographer for National Geographic Magazine where he covers a wide variety of subjects and stories on anything related to the underwater world. In 2015, he was actually named a Nikon Ambassador and in June 2017, Brian was awarded the title of Rolex National Geographic Explorer of the Year.

Aside from covering tons and tons of stories, his underwater photos are astonishing. From the gorgeous colors and sea creatures, his work is so addicting to look at. He’s even captured photos of sea critters that most of us have never seen before! Not to mention that his images of sharks are insanely amazing—it feels as though you’re being attacked by one. Brian is also one of the best nature photographers to follow on Instagram.

Follow Brian Skerry: @brianskerry

Jess Findlay

From the amazing wildlife photographers on Instagram to start following, Jess Findlay is a 25-year-old professional nature photographer who’s based right out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He finds enjoyment in taking photos of wildlife and landscapes in areas like his home province of BC as well as Alaska and throughout the Pacific Northwest. As a traveler, he’s also visited locations in Central and South America for exploring and bringing back beautiful wildlife photos.

As we know that birds are among the more colorful creatures on this planet, it’s no surprise that Jess finds an interest in mainly them. And I highly suggest looking through his Instagram if you’re a major bird lover. Not only does he snap shots of the most diverse birds out there, from big to small, but the colors on them are staggering! Many of his photos of hummingbirds possess gorgeous colors of actual rainbows. If you don’t believe me, you have to see for yourself.

Follow Jess Findlay: @jessfindlay

Staffan Widstrand

From one of Sweden’s most recognized nature photographers, Staffan Widstrand is a wildlife photographer and author who specializes in all-things wildlife and landscapes. He’s marked as “Nature Photographer of the Year” in Sweden and has achieved many other awards throughout his career. Literally traveling the entire world, he also has international solo or group exhibits in multiple museums across the globe. Staffan’s work has also been published in magazines like National Geographic and so many more.

For someone who’s succeeded so much in life, Staffan constantly posts amazing wildlife and landscape photos on his Instagram for his followers to check out. What’s great about his account is that it’s very diverse. From the arctics to the tropics and the Sahara, Staffan has seen it all and wants to show his viewers it all, too.

Follow Staffan Widstrand: @staffanwidstrand

Daisy Gilardini

Finally, from the all-time inspirational wildlife photographers on Instagram to follow, Daisy Gilardini is a Switzerland-based wildlife photographer who now lives in British Columbia, Canada. In 1989, she began to take photography seriously during her first trip to India. After that, she’s visited more than 70 countries with her camera constantly in her hand. However, the destination she really fell in love with is Antartica when she first visited the place in 1997. Exploring the deep depths of Antartica, Daisy has seen and captured photos of the most exotic and breathtaking animals she’s come across.

While her Instagram account has a wide variety of animals from diverse destinations, her main attraction is the animals living in the cooler regions of the world. From the adorable polar bears to penguins, seals, and even bisons, Daisy has seen it all in Antartica and has shared pieces of her work on her account!

Follow Daisy Gilardini: @daisygilardini

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