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Best Video Cameras of 2018

Whether you want something HD or waterproof, there's something for everyone on our list of video cameras.

Summer is here, and with all your trips and adventures going on lately, surely you'll want to record it all for keepsake. However, a major part in keeping these memories is finding a trusty and high-quality video camera. 

Too often we come across cheaply-made cameras with blurry screens, fuzzy sound quality, and low battery life and storage. Is that really a video camera you want? No, we didn't think so.

That said, we sourced out some of the best video cameras to date for your recording needs. Read on to find the video camera most suitable for you and your price range.

Everio Quad-Proof HD Camcorder UHD 4K Video by JVC

The JVC Everio Quad-Proof HD Camcorder may be little, but this camcorder is one of the best video cameras of 2018. It comes equipped with decent 32 GB memory and offers a 10x optical zoom in 4K Video and 18x dynamic zoom when shooting HD; expect no less from one of the best HD camcorders on the market.

If you plan on making a trip to the coast or the lake anytime soon, you can bring your JVC Everio with you no problem, as this bad boy is waterproof. Plus, its 5-hour battery makes it pretty reliable. Best of all, customers say that this cam is super easy to use, has great quality, and has wonderful longevity.

VIXIA HF R600 by Canon

First off, let me note that this next camera made by Canon has been unfortunately discontinued (which is odd because it has wonderful reviews). However, it can still be purchased here on Amazon.

This camera offers 1920 x 1080 resolution and steady, full HD video. The advanced zoom is just an added bonus, making it a great action camera. For incredible quality, the price is more than fair if you aren't looking to spend a whole lot of money and want something that's reliable for recording sports.

HERO6 by GoPro

Next up, we have another great action camera on our list, the GoPro HERO6. GoPro is known to be reliable for anything adventure-related: sports, zip lining, hiking, skydiving, you name it. This decently-priced camera can easily hook onto a helmet or other object for hands-free, high-quality video footage. Don't let its extremely tiny size fool you!

So, if you're the adventurous type, GoPro's HERO6 can meet your needs. Plus, it's waterproof up to 33 feet and offers 1080p240 video, three microphones, and touch zoom. If you had the HERO5, the 6 will copy footage to your phone faster than ever before thanks to 5GHz Wi-Fi. Make sure to grab one of the best GoPro bags or GoPro accessories to go along with it!

EOS Rebel by Canon

Ask anyone what their favorite moderately-priced Canon is, and you'll likely be told "Rebel." The Canon EOS Rebel is Wifi-enabled and offers full HD 1080p video at 30 fps. It also has a touch LCD monitor.

Different from the rest, this video camera, as most notable, doesn't have that traditional video camera styled screen as it beautifully doubles up as a regular camera as well and can latch around your neck.

Along with the purchase of the Canon EOS Rebel on Amazon, you'll receive a cleaning kit, which is always nice.

Vixia HF R800 by Canon

Back to the camcorder styled camera, the Canon Vixia is a lovely full HD choice for an affordable cost. Plus, it already houses a 64 GB SD card. The favorable video quality and 57x zoom rate make the Vixia one of the best video cameras of 2018 among lower-end cameras.

Like the Canon EOS Rebel, the Vixia arrives with bonus cleaning accessories upon purchase on Amazon. For a lower-priced camera, the included cleaning kit is a generous offer. Just when you thought things couldn't get better, this Canon cam also includes an LED light kit, case, and a tripod to making your recording needs even easier. Great deal for great value!

4K Camcorder by Kenuo

Offering Ultra-HD and 60 FPS video, the Kenuo 4k Camcorder is one of the most affordable so far on this list. Even for the cheaper cost, it's still equipped with Wifi, a 12-month warranty, and even offers night vision.

The overall lightweight body, smooth zoom, and ease of using the Kenuo 4K makes it something anyone can use anytime and anywhere. Using two lithium batteries, this video camera also lasts long before needing a recharge. 

However, note that it does not come with an SD card; this will have to purchased separately, but for the more affordable cost of the camcorder, this isn't a major drawback.

LUMIX GH5 by Panasonic

I'm not going to lie; this next one costs quite a pretty penny for casual videographers, but if you want the quality and have the funds, you can't go wrong with the Panasonic Lumix GH5.

Made of a sturdy magnesium alloy body and offering high-performance video along with crystal clear image quality, buyers are impressed, often complimenting the camera for its lovely image stabilization, easy touch screen, favorable ergonomics, great battery life, and its double SD card slots.

Digital Vlogging Camera by SUNLEA

Coming to the SUNLEA Full HD Vlogging Camera, it's priced at an affordable $99.99. It currently holds a five stars on Amazon due to its great 1080p video quality with 15 FPS rate, reasonable price, all-metal body, and unique flip-up screen design.

Due to its good video footage, sound, and ease of use, this SUNLEA camera, hence its title, is a great first camera for new Youtuber vloggers.

Once you buy a separate memory card, your SUNLEA video camera will be ready to use.

4K Camcorder by Gongpon

For those wanting an ultra-HD digital camera with a built-in microphone, opt for Gongpon's 4K Camcorder. From the touchscreen display, to the Wi-Fi function, to the 2880 x 2160 24 FPS quality video, we can see that you get what you buy for the price.

Best of all, the capacity of this video camera is phenomenal, allowing you to record throughout the day. Even with the microphone attachment, this camcorder is lightweight.

However, if you prefer not to have the microphone, you can purchase this same camcorder without it for just $69.99, $130 off from the microphone version.

Video Camcorder by Besteker

The Wi-Fi-enabled Besteker full HD video camera is currently priced at $89.99. For a lower-end camcorder, it has great customer reviews and provides a general satisfactory video-recording experience.

Being a lightweight and smaller device offering great battery length (as it runs on lithium batteries), this camcorder is great to take on trips. To make it even better, it offers night vision recording.

Five-star raters on Amazon mentioned that this camera's quality surprised them, because for such an affordable price, they expected less. It's a great buy and has top-notch footage for its price point, but don't expect movie quality.

Overall, out of all the video cameras on this list, there is no single best device. It all comes down to the video quality, user-friendliness, technology features, and other aspects you consider important in a video camera. Of course, price plays an important role as well in terms of what you're willing to pay.

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