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Best Street Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Love the raw, urban photos that street photographers master? Check out these awesome street photographers to follow on Instagram right now.

Compared to other types of photography, street photography is a whole new world. It's nothing like nature photography where you get the same idea: taking photos of flowers, rivers, mountains. No, for street photography, there are an unlimited amount of ways you can capture anything on photo. Since the streets of a city are always changing, the people are unique, the atmosphere is diverse, and the city is the perfect place for street photographers to play in. 

These photos of people's everyday lives are utterly raw. Street photography can show what life is like on the streets. There are photos of people's sense of fashion and their presence in the city. Nothing is more fascinating to look at than street photography, since every single photo says something new. If you want to check out really cool street photos, consider looking into any of these awesome street photographers to follow on Instagram now.

Matthew Wylie

Matthew Wylie tends to explore the various relationships between words, images, and the gaze through collective and personal, conscious, and subconscious as an artist based in Toronto. His main priority in his photography is to seek abstractness and find its beauty. His photos are amazing to look at and his work has also been showcased by National Geographic, other international magazines, and fine art books. His photography was also exhibited in London, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, and Paris.

It’s no surprise that his work gains so much recognition. What makes his social media great to scroll through is that every single photo tells a completely different story. There are photos of people in their element on the streets, people sitting alone on the subways, and even very vague photos that can be viewed from a different perspective by the viewers. There’s always something to say about anything from the people to their surroundings. One way to really see what I'm talking about is by checking out his Instagram.

Aaron Berger

Every day is a new day as a New York City street photographer. Aaron Berger knows how to show this exciting city through his photography with the settings he captures and the people he meets. Many street photographers don't entirely take pictures of just the pedestrians on the streets, but the objects around them. Aaron is a people person. He aims to capture emotions and expressions on camera like a portrait photographer. He takes pictures of people in action and wants his viewers to relate to them; to feel what they're feeling.

Aaron is certainly extraordinary to check out because he's one of the best street photographers to follow on Instagram. You can see the different types of people who are roaming the streets of New York just through his Instagram account. 

Anthony Danielle

Here's a photographer who perfectly balances out nature and street photography—Anthony Danielle. Anthony is an extraordinary photographer who doesn't let anything that captures his attention slide so easily. He manages to get the best moments in New York City with the camera nearly always in his hands. You won't believe the beauty Anthony captures in each photo he takes, his subjects ranging from the sunsets over the George Washington Bridge to the businessmen lounging on chairs. Anthony is also one of the founders of The Mobile Media Lab, an agency that pairs Instagram influencers like himself with with brands.

Paola Franqui

Paola Franqui, also known as Monaris, is a Puerto Rican born street photographer who’s now living outside of New York City. Her main specialty in her work is visual storytelling through all of her shots. Photography started off as a hobby before it soon became her ultimate passion and completely changed her life. She now views the world through the camera’s lens and hopes to pass on stories to her viewers through her photography, and really does know how to take the best street photography portraits

She's someone who’s constantly trying to push boundaries within herself by mastering timing in her photography and enhance her ability to record and observe moments. She’s always inspired by her surroundings, which can see via her Instagram. Paola is one of the greatest street photographers to follow on Instagram since her photos are so genuine.

Zun Lee

As an award-winning Canadian photographer, educator, and physician, Zun Lee is an amazing photographer who has achieved so much through storytelling in his work. He’s actually globally recognized as one of the top emerging visual storytellers to watch now. His main focus is the importance of quotidian Black life, and this has led him to publications and even mentions in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, TIME, The New Yorker, Huffington Post, and so many more. Zun enjoys putting his main attention to the intimate moments of everyday family life.

You can see it all through his Instagram account, which is full of photos of people in their vulnerable moments. He’s shown his work solo or in group exhibits and people adore his work, finding his photography skills to be superb. He’s also won several major international awards for his photos. 

Chris Connolly

Chris Connolly is definitely one of the coolest street photographers to follow on Instagram right now. His use of colors when capturing shots is brilliant. When you're scrolling through his Instagram, you can tell that every single one of his photos is genuine with his own touch. He can grab the perfect moments in life every time through his surroundings and the people on the streets. 

Chris sees something more in each one of his pictures; for example, in a picture with two people chatting with smiles on their faces, he defines it as love. He can even make a road appear fascinating by the way he takes a photo of it. Trust me, you won’t regret following Chris on Instagram; he travels all over the world, so you get to see more interesting places than just something like NYC or LA. 

Michelle Groskopf

Michelle Groskopf has a different approach when it comes to street photography and this makes her one of the most talented street photographers to follow on Instagram. It's clear that she enjoys the up close and personal style in her photos as a photographer, especially with people. She'll focus on a certain aspect of them and make it the main subject in her photo. Michelle is on her way to becoming one of the best portrait photographers on Instagram as well. 

She has mastered the style of close-ups in street photography and all of her works are stunning. Pictures like people holding hands and a cigarette in a man's mouth are made much more interesting through her composition and focus. Her Instagram is full of diverse expressions from colorful individuals. You can tell that Michelle is a people person. She can even make the back of someone's head look like a masterpiece! 

Cocu Liu

Aside from being a product designer, Cocu Liu is heavily involved in photography and views it as a major part of his life. He’s attracted to lights, street photography, and urban scenes. He finds a passion in taking photos with his smartphone. While photographing, Cocu loves playing with different viewpoints and always looking at things from new perspectives. He was even part of the winner's list of the 2014 iPhone Photography Awards. Cocu knows all of the most useful iPhone X photography tips, as that is his current tool of choice. 

His posts on Instagram are breathtaking. He’s still fond of taking photos of strangers on the streets and you can tell that his main focus is his surroundings. Cocu knows how to capture the city within a single photo from the architecture, to the buses, down to the streets and views from the highest floor of a building.

Jomayra Texeira

Coming to the US from Puerto Ricoas the age of 12, Jomayra Texeira has lived in New York for several years now. Now the city has become his true home and his main subject in street photography. He’s passionate and loud through his photography for someone who’s an introvert.

Although he’s one of the more interesting street photographers to follow on Instagram now, Jomayra’s sense of photography is beautiful. When looking through his account, you can tell that he’s a fan of the mysterious, dark atmospheres. When it rains, it’s time for him to go out and play with his camera. He ideally captures emotions of pedestrians precisely and his 352k followers can agree with me. Looking at one of his photos, you can feel the mood and place yourself in that scene.

Luis Cárdenas

Lastly, Luis Cárdenas is among the all-time coolest street photographers to follow on Instagram. Luis is actually the most diverse street photographer from this list. Instead of shooting photos down an urban city like New York or Los Angeles, he finds it fascinating in taking street photography in different countries like Cuba, Ethiopia, Mexico, Rome, and anywhere else. 

Luis' Instagram is all about tying together emotions from the people as with their surroundings. He's a travel photographer, too, but he still kills it in street photography. It's really easy to lose yourself scrolling through his feed, looking at photos with various colors, textures, and animals. You can also understand lifestyle in these destinations just by viewing his photos.

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Best Street Photographers to Follow on Instagram
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