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Best Photojournalists to Follow on Instagram

Love to find cool slices of life? Then you'll love looking at this list of photojournalists to follow on Instagram.

It's often said that photojournalism is a dying art, but if you look online, you might disagree. Instagram has become a professional photographer's best friend thanks to its easy sharing and excellent social networking opportunities.

Being a literal bunch of pretty pictures, Instagram has managed to be the platform that photographers need to get their work seen. No category of photographers knows this better than the photojournalists of the world.

On Insta, you can find some amazing photojournalism with riveting stories. However, to get the most of your news, we suggest checking out our selection of the best photojournalists on Instagram to follow below.

David Guttenfelder

Globe-trotter and camera guru David Guttenfelder loves to show his skill as a photographer and storyteller online. He's one of the few photojournalists paid by National Geographic, and once you see all the amazing shots he's taken, you'll understand why.

Saying that he's one of the best photojournalists to follow on Instagram isn't an exaggeration. His life (and the sights he sees) are nothing short of fascinating.

Simone Bramante

Simone Bramante isn't just a photojournalist; he's an artist. Every shot he takes somehow brings out the very best of the experiences he documents. Whether it's a gorgeous trip in Panama or some of the most beautiful macro photography you'll ever see, he makes the world look pretty.

The sheer number of followers should tell you volumes about his work. It's breathtakingly beautiful, and a must-see for your Instagram feed.

Lynsey Addario

Lynsey Addario is one of the most popular traditional photojournalists to follow on Instagram, and if you take a look, you'll understand why. While many journalists have started to veer towards goals of being the best landscape photographers on Instagram, Addario makes a point of keeping things journalistic in the rawest sense of the word.

Riveting photographs, amazing backstories, and credits for the New York Times bestseller "It's What I Do" are just the beginning of what she offers. You need to see her shots.

Alex Strohl

Strohl is an amazing photographer who loves to take his viewers on fantastic journeys around the world. He has a knack for finding amazing landscapes, capturing beautiful portraits, and also telling the world about his amazing adventures.

From the exotic to the mundane, Strohl's work will reinvent your love for life. Our favorite shots? His underwater photographs.

Emilie Ristevski

Emilie is a photojournalist who knows how to bring out the true beauty of Mother Nature, regardless of where she's shooting or what the story behind the photos happens to be.

This Australia-based photographer puts many journalists to shame with both her locations and subjects. Her dramatically glamorous shots in Namibia are flawless, don't you think?

Ben Lowy

Speaking of drama, you might want to look at Ben Lowy's aesthetic if you love drama and emotion in every picture you see. Stark colors, intense black and white shots, and incredibly deep looks into the psyche of his subjects are what he's famous for.

Lowy's work varies greatly, but extends from political topics to experimental water shots with models. No matter what type of photography you enjoy, you will enjoy what he has to offer.

Randy Olson

Randy Olson's work is best described as emotionally jarring, simply because of the topics that he enjoys pursuing. Few photojournalists are willing to photograph the effects of pollution on the ocean, and actually talk about how it's affecting the world.

Olson, though, does, and how he does it will leave your jaw dropped.

Stephanie Sinclair

If you have a list of the best photojournalists on Instagram to follow, then you should expect at least one or two of them to have a Pulitzer Prize. Such is the case with Pulitzer-winning Stephanie Sinclair, who is a Canon Explorer of Light.

When she is not taking photographs of amazing people throughout the world, she is working to fight child marriage through her own organization, Too Young to Wed.

Keith Ladzinski

Keith Ladzinski is one of those people who has a higher calling when it comes to his career. His work shows that he doesn't just enjoy being a photographer; he's born for this form of artwork.

He's one of the best aerial photographers on this list, has work in National Geographic, and also managed to gain a slew of followers on his Instagram account. There's no question DJI is proud to have him using their equipment!

Matt Black

Like some of the other journalists on this list, Matt Black has a specific topic he tends to specialize in. His topic of choice is photographing what poverty looks like, especially when it comes to those living in poverty in the United States.

Every single one of his photos is in black and white—a striking statement on the bleak outlook of being in extreme poverty.

Magnus Wennman

Magnus is one of the most popular photographers to be featured on National Geographic's pages, and it's easy to see why that's the case. The travel-friendly photojournalist has a talent for telling stories using his camera.

Though he definitely captures the beauty in pictures, Magnus is also known for tackling tough issues such as homelessness, sleeplessness, and wild commutes in the city of Tokyo.

Amy Toensing

Amy Toensing isn't just one of the best photojournalists to follow on Instagram; she's a serious activist. Using her camera and her keen eye for a fascinating tale of humanity's nature, Toensing fights hate and intolerance everywhere she goes.

The concept behind Amy's work is simple. By showing different slices of humanity, she proves that all people are beautiful.

Katie Orlinsky

Do you love the wild and exotic in life? Of course you do! That's what photojournalism is meant for in many cases. Katie Orlinsky has become a favorite among fans for her ability to find amazing shots that most simply couldn't imagine ever coming across.

From breathtaking scenes in the wilds of Mongolia to marchers on the DNC, her photos will make you rethink what you know about life.

Natalie Keyssar

Natalie Keyssar is one of those photojournalists who really get into researching their subjects and presenting them with an incredibly human touch. The awesome stories she tells through her camera gave her amazing bylines.

Keyssar's work is all about being human, dealing with human emotions, and enjoying the human experience. That's why you'll love it, and why she's one of the best photojournalists to follow on Instagram.

Michael Christopher Brown

Michael Christopher Brown currently rests as one of the most famous human rights photojournalists to follow on Instagram. His work is entirely devoted to showing the struggles of life, and the dramatic beauty that rests around every corner.

From Israel to Ireland, Brown travels to get the best possible shots that speak volumes about humanity as a whole. Every picture he takes carries a novel, and that's why he's great.

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