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Best Pet Photographers on Instagram To Follow

Love fuzzy friends? These pet photographers on Instagram will give you all the adorable shots you need to brighten up your day.

No matter who you are, what you do, or what you're interested in, there will never be a day that can't be improved by looking at adorable photos of pets. Think about it. How can you hate an adorable animal? You can't!

Looking at photos of pets is one of the easiest ways to brighten up your day. That's why people love to follow pet photographers on Instagram, and why those who have managed to get followings have been able to improve their photography careers. 

Want some pet photography inspiration for your next shoot? Check out these top photographers in the "home wildlife" genre. 

Elke Vogelsang

Elke Vogelsang has one of the coolest photography jobs out there. This artist is one of the few pet photographers on Instagram who can honestly say they professionally specialize in "dog portraiture." 

How cool is it to know that you can become a puppy photographer?! Vogelsang's partnership with Fujifilm goes to show you that having great talent can make your dreams come true. 

Piktures Arts

Piktures Arts is a France-based pet photographer known for incorporating flowers, bright colors, and lots of adventurous details into every pet portrait they make. 

Beautiful backgrounds and even more beautiful dogs are what this photography house's Instagram account loves to feature. The end result is an Instagram feed that will make you fall in love with every puppy and dog they shoot.

Christian Vieler

Do you love dog photos that involve a little bit of humor with every shot? Christian Vieler's work will definitely interest you, then! This is one of the few pet photographers on Instagram who really knows how to bring out some goofiness in their shots. 

Vieler's most recent collection, which features dogs as they are about to catch a treat, could bring a smile to anyone's face. 

Greg Murray

Animal lover extraordinaire Greg Murray has a lot of fans, and for good reason. His animal portraits are incredibly lighthearted and adorable, not to mention pretty telling about the animal's personality. 

It's so hard not to smile when you see Murray's work. That's what makes him one of the better pet photographers on Instagram, and why he's worked with major names like Elle, HuffPo, and more. 

Pössl Isabell

Austria-based Pössl Isabell could easily pass for one of the best nature photographers on Instagram. However, the large amount of dogs and other pets that have been featured in the feed show that Isabell's true interest is pet photography. 

Beautiful, dreamy photos featuring tons of flowers and verdant greenery are what viewers should expect. The sheer serenity you get from looking at these photos is what makes them great. 

Natalie Große

If you're a fan of the "dreamy, perfect puppy" look that Isabell has, you're also going to love Natalie Große. Based out of Germany, Natalie loves to show the beautiful and graceful side of pet ownership. 

Unlike other pet photographers on Instagram, Natalie does not limit herself to a single species. You'll find bunnies, horses, dogs, cats, and more on this feed!

Heike Willers

Heike Willers is one of Germany's top dog and horse photographers, and it's not difficult to see why. Every shot she takes is one that is meticulously planned and brings out the unique personality of the animal that's modeling for her. 

Many of the shots have a certain fairytale-like quality to them, making them a great choice for photographers that want to get inspiration for a pet shot that goes beyond the "cute" stage. 

The Dogist

Do you love the idea of adopting a dog? Are you happy to see good boys get new forever homes? Then you're going to understand why The Dogist is one of the best pet photographers on Instagram! 

This Savannah-based photographer loves to tell the stories of rescue dogs, and take photos of them too. Following them is pure, unadulterated feel-good happiness!

Jaqueline Samad

Jaqueline Samad, also known as BB Snapshot, is a dog lover who really knows how to capture a good boy's best side. Aspiring photographers who love the idea of being able to see shots that ramp up the drama in the best way possible will love Samad's work. 

There's a lot of cuteness, a little mystery, and amazing composition techniques to be found here. You'll love this Germany-based pet pro. 

Jasmin Hummer

Jasmin Hummer really takes things a little bit beyond the typical "cute" look that most pet photographers on Instagram do. Rather than focusing in on making a pupper look cute, she works to turn pets into high art. 

Beautiful color combinations, great framing, and absolutely breathtaking shots are what make Hummer's work a must-see. Once in a while, you'll see owners pose alongside the pups. From what we see, Hummer could also be one of the best portrait photographers on Instagram if she wanted to be. 

Stephanie Palm

Much of Stephanie Palm's Instagram account is filled with an ode to her two little Dachshunds, and to a point, it's pretty clear where her inspiration came from. She really, truly, loves her two dogs—and their little buddies too!

A true ode to man's best friend if we've ever seen one, any fan of tiny dogs will find Palm's work to be heartwarming and fun. 

Severin Klisch

Severin Klisch is a true nature lover, and to a point, uses that love of everything living and green to help bolster his pet photography work. Everything about Klisch's work gives you a cozy, warm vibe—and admittedly, a lot of that is due to the subject matter. 

However, the awesome light filters and awesome compostions make this perfect inspiration for the dog photographer in you.  

Caitlin Hodges

Caitlin Hodges is someone who really knows how to work with animals, and it comes through in her shots. This young but exceptionally talented horse and dog photographer knows how to make any animal pose in a stately and impressive manner. 

If you love the "country club" vibe of crisp colors and well-groomed pets, you're going to see what makes her one of the better pet photographers on Instagram. 

Santos Roman

Spain-based Santos Roman loves the idea of presenting man's best friend as man himself, and that idea comes through in his photography pretty darned well. Adorable, goofy, and oddly human at times, Roman's take on animal photography leaves you smiling and rethinking what humanity is really about. 

That being said, this is one of the cutest pet photography Instagrams you can find. 

Harlow, Sage, Indiana & Reese

Okay, admittedly, this isn't the name of the photographer who runs this adorable account. It's actually the names of the dogs that are featured in this absolutely heartwarming "slice of life" photography account. 

That being said, there's a lot of awesome candid shots of cute puppies—all of which are incredibly high-quality. Even if it's not *technically* a professional account, you'll still want to follow this cute crew regardless. 

Olivia Church

Olivia Church is not only one of the more popular pet photographers on Instagram; she's also an aspiring pet trainer, too. Perhaps that's why she's so good at getting both dogs and cats to pose on camera without issue? We don't know her secret. 

What we do know, though, is that she knows how to make a great pet photo happen. You'll love her for it.

Ashley Asker

Once in a while, you'll see a photograph that looks so wholesome, you'll immediately feel like all is right with the world. Such is the mood that Ashley Asker conjures with her pet photography—as well as her occasional baby photography. 

Light colors, frolicking action, and plenty of cuteness is what makes her a great role model for anyone looking to try out dog photography. 

Happy Paws Pet Photography

If you are looking for an amazing array of different pets, including some that really aren't pets at all, then you'll quickly understand why Happy Paws has gotten a serious amount of notoriety in the pet photography world. 

Sometimes, what you'll see is adorable dogs posed with tiny hats. Other times, it'll be a bird showing off his colors. At times, it might even be a baby tiger! 

Susan Koppel

Susan Koppel definitely knows how to dress up dogs, and to a point, that's what makes her one of the best pet photographers on Instagram. Cute dogs, cuter outfits, and a little bit of silliness are always welcome, right? 

You might be happy to hear that Koppel's work isn't limited to dogs, nor does it always have fashion as part of it. All of her work, though, does involve a similar theme: a good cause! 

She's the Nevada Humane Society's photographer, and yes, she's an active adoption advocate!

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