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Best Nikon Cameras in 2018

Choose the best Nikon cameras for you.

To say the word camera in 2018 means a lot more than it did twenty years ago, and today we can think of any camera in many ways. It can be something for a professional photographer or at the opposite end of the spectrum and function as a point and shoot camera. It can be packed with advanced features and weather sealed, it may offer a fixed focal length, or provide an autofocusing system that includes a powerful digital zoom. In other words, there are many options and brands. One of the standouts over the decades is Nikon cameras, and over 100 years after the company was created, it is still a top name in the world of photography.

Considering the Options

Before we start to look at the best Nikon cameras in 2018, we need to take a moment and consider how such a list might be of benefit to you personally. To begin with, ask yourself (and answer honestly), are you a beginner, intermediate shooter, or professional? There are Nikon cameras for each level, and though all are DSLR cameras or basic digital cameras, they vary in scope and capability.

Also, before looking at our list, we need you to ask yourself just what you intend to do with that camera, or cameras you will purchase. Are you doing lots of video recording? Maybe you'll use the camera for lots of zooms, such as taking images of flowers, insects, sports activities from a distance, and so on? Do you need a rugged camera to go with you on outdoor adventures? Maybe you want WiFi connectivity that lets you share with social media, or a camera body that works with many lenses? Maybe full frame cameras with sensors the same size as traditional 35mm film is what you wish for?

The Top and Most Diverse Nikon Cameras Available Now

Image courtesy chuttersnap

Perhaps you are not sure of differences between Canon and Nikon options? No matter what, you should take the time to figure out what and why you'll want or need certain functions and features. This will help you narrow down the options.

Is price a "thing"? Even here, the list of preferred Nikon cameras includes one for almost any budget, and if you choose the right vendors, such as B&H, Amazon, or BestBuy, you are likely to find a kit lens with almost any camera body! So, let's jump right in!


Experts have raved about this since its release, with one saying, "the D750 is one of the best DSLRs you can buy right now. It just might not be the DSLR you thought you wanted to buy." And this is true for the professionals and the amateurs alike. Nikon even explained that it is an "in-between" camera that is neither "consumerish" nor completely "professional" and even comes between both groups in terms of pricing. You do have to purchase lenses separately, but even here the pricing is reasonable.


So, if you just want the best of the Nikon cameras for everyone, this is it! If you are unfamiliar with Nikon DSLRs or digital cameras in general, a good high quality entry level model is the Nikon D3400. It's one of the best DSLR cameras for beginners. It can do high quality video and arrives with an AF system (autofocus) to help get the shots. You have many lenses available, and whether filming video or still photography, you are guaranteed high resolution shots. 


And if you are not an expert, but no beginner either? The Nikon D7200 is the most frequently recommended among the Nikon cameras. It is one of the options carrying the APS C sensors, known for premium image quality. This holds true for both still and 1080 HD video. It is easy to adjust on the fly and comes with a full array of lens options.


The pros already know that it is the D850 that rates as a top of the line option noted for premium image quality, professional controls, and even a durable and rugged body. It has full manual the finest lenses and stands as a favorite.


For those who want a digital camera that is a point and shoot style, but with truly advanced results, the COOLPIX B700 is the right choice. With an amazingly powerful zoom feature beloved by nature photographers, it "spans between 24 and 1440 millimeters" and offers a 35 mm equivalent sensor.


Another of the COOLPIX options for those dedicated to Nikon cameras is the COOLPIX A900, which also has a powerful zoom providing 35x magnification. Yet, this is one of the top 4k action cameras and offers wireless connectivity (as well as Bluetooth, GPS and NFC) in a compact form. 

Outdoor Photographer Favorites

Image courtesy Matt Collamer

One or more of these Nikon cameras is sure to meet your need and budget, and maybe even inspire you to improve your skill set so you can think about upgrading, too!


The outdoor photographers eager to have a compact digital with potent zoom and a body meant to endure exposure to all seasons will appreciate the COOLPIX W300. This is a waterproof camera that can even withstand depths of 100 feet! It has a faster than normal zoom and the same wireless connectivity as the A900. It goes anywhere and even has 4k video.


The Nikon COOLPIX W100 is also a waterproof option, but can endure depths of 33 feet or less. It is very rugged and has a premium sensor offering excellent video and some wireless connectivity.

1 J5

If you are eager for a compact with a bit more advanced design and function, the Nikon 1 J5 has one of the most compact bodies, yet also works with a range of lenses. It has an enormous sense, Wi-Fi functions, and 4k video. It can work in burst mode and an innovative autofocus feature and stands as one of the best mirrorless cameras in the digital market.


Finally, if your goal is a DSLR and high quality video camera, the Nikon D500 has 4k video an APS-C sensor and Wi-Fi connectivity, making it a champ for the video and still crowd.

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Best Nikon Cameras in 2018
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